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RPA....unique idea. need opinions

So, my future husband is studying criminal law and after some years of being a cop aspires to take his career further, possibly SWAT. I will be having two ring bearers (both are 7), I came across these tshirts while shopping for suits for them online.....  . My FI and I thought it would be cute if they were the shirts and glasses and carried a briefcase with our rings in them and played an instrumental version of secret agent man as they walked down the aisle to present the rings. What do you ladies think? I thought it would give everyone some laughter/entertainment.

Re: RPA....unique idea. need opinions

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    If its not something out of character for you and your FI then I say go for it. Personally its not my style, but everyone is different.

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    nms at all.  I think the ceremony should be, well, ceremony.  If you wanted to open your reception with something like this, I'd be fine with it.  But to do it at the ceremony seems disrespectful to me~kind of like you're not taking the solemnity of what you're doing seriously.
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    I think it's a cute idea! Just because you want your guests to have a chuckle at your ceremony doesn't mean you aren't taking your vows seriously.  It seems like it fits in with you as a couple. I say go for it!
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    I think this is very cute assuming that it fits the formality of the rest of your ceremony.  I don't think this is appropraite for a black tie church wedding, but I think would work wonderfully at a semi-formal ceremony.  I love a ceremony with a little pizzazz!
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    I'm seconding that it's a great idea as long as you're both totally into it; taking your vows seriously does not mean that you can't throw in your personalities!
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    Not something I would do, but if it fits with the over style of your wedding, go for it!
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