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One day Cambodian-American wedding ideas?

My fiance is Cambodian, I am Latin-American. We wanted to have an American wedding ceremony/reception but incorporate some Cambodian wedding traditions. I have read that Cambodian weddings can be days long- our wedding is just one day (one evening really). 

Any ideas? Anyone had a wedding like this?

Re: One day Cambodian-American wedding ideas?

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    My friend married an Ecuadorean and she is American. I believe for their first dance, they did something from his culture. Their favors were candies from Ecuador and I think they may have had some foods that represented his culture. 
    You don't have to go all out with traditions you don't know about. Just change up some simple things. 
    Good luck

    eta: oops I didn't read the date! Usually
    i do. Sorry if this was considered resurrecting  :s
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