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2 Registries - China/Crystal

Hi Ladies, 

My fiancé and I just set up our registry and BBB last night (fun!) and are also planning to have one at Macy's as those are typically the big two for my family & area. We did register for both china and crystal. I'm wondering if I should put those items on both registries? Obviously I don't want it to look like I want double the amount, but if people are only looking at one or the other, I'd want them to see it. Does that make sense, or is that crazy-town? Opinions please.

(I figure I'd be keeping an eye on the registry and deleting from each as place settings/glasses are bought from the other)


Re: 2 Registries - China/Crystal

  • I would just keep it on one. It will be a pain for you to keep up with the purchases. I usually look at all places where a couple registers (via internet) then make a decision on the gift. In my experience with our local Macy's, they don't have a lot of china available in store. I've had to order on line. BBB usually has more in store. It might just be my area though.
  • Crazy town. It will be confusing to guests. Pick the sets you want and register for them at one store. Your registries shouldn't duplicate each other. 
  • Agreed- crazy town. Pick what you want at the store you want. Some people have preferences on where they shop and may only look at one registry. 
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    Thank you!!! Between work being nuts and wedding planning, I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks... I think my fuzzy, overtired and stressed brain was just over thinking things!!
  • One place only. I had a friend who put duplicates on her two registries and then ended up having to return things because she couldn't keep up with removing things from registries once then were bought on the other.

    I've also side-eyed brides thinking that they were extra gift grabby.

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