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Which state should I buy my dress?

We currently live in Hawaii and will be moving to Florida.  Once we move, we will only have 3.5 months until the wedding.  Should I buy my dress in Hawaii and then find a place to get it altered in Florida, or should I wait until we move to start looking?

Re: Which state should I buy my dress?

  • I'm not sure there is a perfect answer here.

    I was living in the USVI and got married in NJ.  I bought my dress in DE (and had it altered there). One because I had more options than in the VI.  But I also didn't want to have to ship the dress back and forth.

    3.5 months is not a lot of time to look for a dress, but that also depends on what kind of dress you are looking for.  Is there a David's Bridal or nationwide type stores in HI?   If so that might be an option.  That way it's kept within the same company.

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  • I bought my dress in a different state then I lived and it worked out.  I had wanted to go dress shopping with my mom and mother-in-law.  I knew they would both be supportive but honest about the dresses I tried on.  I ended up shopping in NY where they both live since it was convenient for them, and since I was planning everything else on my own where I live in PA (4 hours away) and I know they felt a little "left out".  Anyway, I purchased my dress at a David's Bridal about a year out from my wedding.  (Its earlier then recommended but I rarely change sizes so I knew I would be fine).

    When the dress came in, my mother volunteered to pick it up and check it over.  Everything was fine and about a month later (we were already travelling back for some event) I was able to retrieve it and bring it home with me.  Then about two months out I took it to an independent seamstress who did a wonderful job at a MUCH lower price than David's and got happily married!

    In Short:

    -You can go ahead and buy a dress before you move (if it will come in on time), get the dress, move and just have it altered by an independent person.

    -You can order through a national retailer with multiple locations (David's Bridal, Allure, etc...) and arrange to try it on in one shop and have it delivered to another in FL. (Do you have any family/friends that could get it if it shows up early?)

    -You can wait until you move and find an "off the rack" dress or even a second hand dress and save some money!

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    Florida state tax = 6 to 7%
    Hawaii sales tax = 4%
    Nevada state tax = 0

    If you have travel flexibility, no contest.  You can get it altered anywhere.
  • Reasonable options for either way.

    I would NOT (by any means) wait until you moved to look for your gown.

    But, you could:

    1) If your weight is consistent and predictable, you could buy it in HI and have it altered locally before moving. (I totally gained weight and had to get a rush bad choice for someone like me).

    2) Buy it locally in HI and have it altered in FL.

    3) If you are visiting FL within the ordering timeframe for the gown before the wedding, buy it on the visit and have it altered when you move.

    4) Look at gowns locally, find what you want and order it from the FL carrier of the gown.  If you go this route, be respectful of the shop's time investment in you, but it is common to look around at different shops.  Dresses are ordered by your measurements so if you call in your measurements, make sure they are very accurate because it will be your responsibility if the dress doesn't fit. 

    5) David's Bridal. 

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  • Another vote to buy now & alter later

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