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What should my groom wear?

This is my dress...
What should my groom wear?  I'm thinking either a tan suit or a beige tweed best and slacks. We're having a rustic outdoor wedding, if that helps. 

Re: What should my groom wear?

  • Vest...not best. ;)
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    If you want to be traditional and have him match your gown in formality, he should wear a grey, charcoal or navy suit.  That dress is gorgeous, but it is not rustic.  It is beautifully formal.  Vests are not substitutes for jackets.
  • My personal preference would also be grey suits.....BUT the decision should really be his. Grey? Beige? Navy? Jacket or no jacket? It should be his choice, not yours. 
  • I agree tan is too informal for that gorgeous dress. Your clothes should match in formality. I vote navy or gray suit.
  • I think he should get to choose his own outfit and wear whatever he wants. But I do agree that a tan suit would be too formal next to your gown. 
  • Everything should be on about the same level of formality. You picked a formal dress (and really really gorgeous by the way!), so his outfit should follow suit..pun totally intended.

    I agree with everyone else that a tan suit is too informal. And beige tweed is too...70s? used car salesman? He should definitely wear a jacket - not just a vest. Plus I feel like the trend of grooms/GMs wearing vests only or pants with only suspenders and no jacket is beating a dead horse that has already been beaten for the last 4+ years.


  • 1.  That dress is gorgeous!!! (It's not that rustic/outdoors feeling to me, but I never did feel that every single detail has to be "on the same level" and it will look amazing anyway!)

    2.  I too vote for a dark grey suit, I think it would compliment both you and your general décor and theme nicely.  I don't really care for tan/beige on anyone, and if you are having groomsmen it may be difficult for them to all find the right attire, where some of them might already own a dark grey suit...and will almost certainly find a use for one again if they wish to purchase one for your event. 

    3.  I also think that your FI should be the one deciding what he wants to wear.

    Some examples:

    A mid-grey color

    A lighter grey with dark accents

    Or a mixed grey can all look amazing!
  • Let him pick. If he needs guidance show him some photos for inspiration (grooms in grey suits, navy, beige, etc.) and ask what he likes. Just asking most people will say they don't care or don't know but when you give visuals it changes. 
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    I agree to let him choose. You got to pick your dress (it is stunning by the way!), so let him dress himself how he would like.

    However, I am always a fan of navy and grey.
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