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Morning. I hate Monday. 

My weekend was pretty good. Friday Lucy came home and she is such a stinkface (literally, from the skunk). Bailey and Brody would not leave her alone, they just kept sniffing her and were all up in her business lol. Thank god she is a patient pup. I went out to dinner with my mom and aunts then home to watch BB and went to bed early. 

Saturday I got up and went to the beach by myself for a few hours. It was HOT and the waves were so huge and strong that the first time I went to cool off, I got knocked down and immediately tucked my boobs back in. I went home and H and I got water ice for lunch and then I napped for almost 3 hours. I got my period and just felt overall terrible. I was so exhausted and had such a bad headache on top of normal cramps. We ordered pizza for dinner when I got up and then I went to bed at 9pm, still feeling awful.

Yesterday I woke up feeling so much better (even my cramps were gone) and I had a mostly lazy day with H. We started and watched half of season 5 of GOT, straightened up the house, and did the laundry. H went out for a few hours and I laid on the couch and read (I'm forcing myself through Slaughterhouse Five). I had some shandies (summer, grapefruit, and ginger!) and watched BB and got a decent night's sleep. 

Tonight I'm making Skinnytaste Honey Teriyaki Drumsticks in my Instant Pot and cauliflower fried rice and hopefully watching more of GOT with H. 

The end. 

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Re: Monday

  • @beachyone15 - That's my favorite sandwich at Subway! YUM. Banana bread sounds DIVINE. 

  • @Swazzle Sounds like a great weekend aside from nasty cramps!

    @beachyone15 sounds like you had a good relaxing weekend too!

    Friday I got out and BF and I went to my Aunt's to swim with my cousin and her kids. My other cousin came by too, and my mom. We then went home to clean up and get ready, and my cousin picked us all up to head out to dinner. The place we went was really good!! That night we were home early, so I started a puzzle.

    Saturday I really wanted to go to the beach, but BF didn't want to come and I can't get myself to go alone. So he ran to his mom's to help her with some stuff, and I worked on my puzzle more. When he got back, we headed to my Aunt's again. This time my Aunt and Uncle were in the pool with us too. We hung in the pool for a while. That night we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was just okay. When we got home BF had a glow on, so he was being obnoxious. I was trying to do my puzzle but he wasn't having it, so we decided to play Battleship to keep his attention. I smoked him!!

    Yesterday we hung around for the morning. We then ran errands and cleaned up around the house. I finished my puzzle! When then started watching The Night Of on HBO. It was really good. We watched the first two episodes, ate dinner, and then watched the third episode when it aired. We watched Ballers too after that. BF is really into that show, I could give or take it.

    I was also stalking the LLR page, because there were these sunglass leggings that I JUST missed on another page so I was not missing them last night! I got them too so I was so pumped! LOL. 
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  • @LizzyTish88 - Jealous that you got the sunglasses leggings! I desperately wanted the tigers (which ere nowhere to be found) and those so I was really bummed out last night! I ended up getting solid magenta leggings and a grey classic T for myself and a pair of solid black leggings for my mom to try out. 

    @TwoDimes - OH NO! Butt holes are no good. Do you have a cardigan or anything you can tie around your waist to get you through the day? Or you could totally flaunt that neon blue hole. 

  • @Swazzle I'm a little nervous because they are OS and I usually get TC. I want to try them but if they don't fit.. I will let you know!

    @TwoDimes That sucks. Do you think it's a spot you'll be able to fix? Or just remember to wear black undies with it every time? 
    friends tv show funy
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  • @TwoDimes - That's exciting! Any ideas about where it could be???

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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    @swazzle why are you reading slaughterhouse five?

    @lizzytish88 that looked like a crazy hard puzzle

    @twodimes yea for anniversary surprises! Can't wait to hear about it 

    Weekend was ok here...lots of cooking, cleaning and baby entertaining. I did get a few walks in too, which was nice. Wanted to go to spin this morning for the first time since I had Ani but she had me up at 2 after I got to bed at 11 then 5 again so, yeah, nope. Maybe tonight?
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    @swazzle, poor Lucy! I'm jealous of your shandies, though.

    @twodimes, oh no! I'm sorry about your dress.

    @labro, what did you read last week?
    Friday night was gaming, and I knitted more.

    Saturday there were thunderstorms, and they weren't severe! I had forgotten what it's like to get rain that doesn't mean you have to go to the basement - it's been relentless up here this summer. "Million dollar rain" usually has a different meaning for the farmers, but with all the large hail this year ...

    Anyway, in the evening H and I went on a walk and played Pokemon Go.

    Yesterday we did a little housework and H made HC fried chicken, which was pretty damn good. We went on a walk to Dairy Queen in the evening (a quick walk - the mosquitoes are out in force and there will be no more outdoor walks until the city sprays/fogs). We captured a Pokemon Go gym, which was unintentional but funny because, frankly, we're not strong enough to keep a gym. So we had one for all of 10 glorious minutes.

    Tonight I'm going to do some cleaning for a couple hours (whatever I can get done) and H is going to make either HC Philly Market Roasted Pork Hoagies or HC Hibachi Steak and Smoky Yum Yum Sauce. Then we'll probably take a walk indoors somewhere, and I might knit a little.

    ETA: I've been listening to an audiobook - "The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty." It's very interesting; I've been enjoying the background information provided each chapter to put the Tudors in broader historical context. And it's narrative, so it's not as dry as more "traditional"ly-written histories.
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    @KeptInStitches That book sounds pretty interesting!

    Last week I read - Some Luck by Jane Smiley; At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen (AMAZING!!); Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen because At the Water's Edge reminded me how much I love her writing style; and I just started reading The Fig Eater by Jody Shields which is kind of historical mystery novel.

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    @southernpeach89 Big BIG GINORMOUS HUGS!! Being a mom is tough. I wish I could help make things easier for you!

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  • @swazzle - The "Purple Hooter" cocktail was vodka, house made Chambord, lemon, orange bitters, and orange curacao. I had two of those, and then one of their house Manhattans, which was also incredible. I want to learn how to make Manhattans now!

  • @swazzle, HC has two wonderful effects on my relationship: 1.) It gives my H the confidence he needs to cook (read: it gets him in the damn kitchen, too) and 2.) it's turning H into a gourmet cook.
  • @GoldenPenguin, congratulations, auntie!
  • @GoldenPenguin - NOTHING would make me happier than if that were true! 

  • @GoldenPenguin Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see some squishy pictures!
  • @GoldenPenguin - Congrats, Auntie!

    @eilis1228 - I'm glad you had a great last day at work. It really is rare (at least from my experience) to get to work with people you actually LIKE. :)

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    @GoldenPenguin CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE!!! I hope you get to meet your new itty bitty niece very soon! <3

    @eilis1228 Ugh I am sooooooooo jealous of your days off before your new job starts. Sounds like your old employer gave you a really nice send-off!

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