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Getting the yellow out of an aged veil

So I found my moms veil the other day and thought it would be so nice to wear on my wedding day since she is no longer with us. (would still be nice even if she was still here). But for some reason it found its way out of the preserved box where her dress was and it has been aging over the years. Has anyone tried to get the aged yellow out of a dress or veil? Is that something that could even be done? I feel like the veil is so delicate with the hand stitched appliques that I dont know if it would hold up to any chemicals being put on it. 
I was thinking of bringing it to a dry cleaner, but just wanted to see if anyone had some helpful advice before I did that. 

Re: Getting the yellow out of an aged veil

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    I actually think i just found my answer from another discussion on here. (I should have done that from the start!) BUT I will still take some suggestions if any one has any. The other discussion suggested finding a dry cleaner who is part of some time of wedding specialty organization. And the other suggested soaking the veil in warm water and Oxyclean. 
    So if anyone has done the DIY Oxyclean soak, I would love to hear how it came out... or if it ruined your veil. 
  • I would try buying some old lace from an antique or thrift store for testing before I would put my mom's veil in Oxyclean. I would research that a little further too because I heard (I don't remember from where) that the chemicals in oxyclean are hard on the fabric and aid to the premature breakdown on the fibers. It probably wouldn't fall apart before your wedding but might not be around for your child's. Just a thought. FWIW, I am wearing my mom's veil too. I ended up buying an ivory dress that the slightly yellowed veil contrasts with beautifully, it wouldn't look right it the veil was lighter.
  • It will not be possible to get the age yellow color out of the veil.  It is made from nylon tulle, and the color change is permanent.
  • I would talk to a preservation specialist and see what they might be able to do.
  • ernursej said:
    I would talk to a preservation specialist and see what they might be able to do.
    Agreed. I wouldn't even attempt to do it myself till I talked to a professional.
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