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Please help me with my wedding dress!

I am taking it for alterations but I need some design help to change it a bit!    I love the one sided strap but my boobs are too big to leave out on the other side I think.  Too much skin.  What can be done ?   Is there some way to add a lining or something under for more coverage of the top breast area?   Would a gold sash on other strapless side be weird?    Is the only option to add another strap to make it simply two straps of the same material?  HELP!  Pics below.

Re: Please help me with my wedding dress!

  • For what it's worth, I think it looks great and your boobs aren't showing too much. However, when it's fitted correctly, it may raise the neckline a little making you feel more comfortable.

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  • OH that would be GREAT.  Thanks so much
  • I think it looks great as well. 
  • I don't think you are showing too much. Do you usually not wear things that are fitted so it feels strange at first? It would still look beautiful if you put another strap on but wait to see what the seamstress says. 
  • I agree that it looks just fine the way it is, and that the alterations will very likely make you even more confident wearing it!

    If you are really nervous about "spillage" you can talk to your seamstress about adding snaps/buttons that you could attach to your undergarments...although it will likely be unnecessary.

  • Thank you all so much.  I feel a million times better.   I will let you know how it goes.  
  • I wouldn't change a thing

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    I think it's gorgeous. I think you are worrying about nothing. :)
  • I think you look beautiful!!! If you really uncomfortable, talk to the seamstress for recommendations. They may be able to add a strap on the other side to mirror the one strap. But I wouldn't do a gold strap, that will take away so much from your dress.
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    Your dress it beautiful. I think it is fine the way it is.

    If you *want* to add a strap, I would replicated what you already have. I think that would look lovely too, but not necessary.
  • My seamstress is brilliant.  She will take some material from the bottom of the dress (needs to be shortened anyway) and add a small panel over the left (and probably right, side, of the top of the dress.  Pic with the panel layered on with a pin is shown.  SO HAPPY!    
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