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I am getting married in Vegas in October. I wanted to do a dinner with my girls the night before for a low key bachelorette. I am trying to find a restaurant that is in the 30/person or lower range, with a wider selection of food (ie not just burgers, italian, etc). Any suggestions? 

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  • What type of atmosphere do you want? There are so many restaurants that are amazing in Vegas but it really depends on what type of place you are looking for.

    We are thinking about doing Hexx for my bachelorette (also in October!) because we love the openness of the restaurant and the patio on the strip. We are not positive yet though and there have been a few new restaurants open in the past year that I want to look into first before giving my girls my opinion on restaurants for it. They are planning, I'm just giving input lol

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    I really liked Hexx, but it's very casual. It's a little more upscale than Sugar Factory, but not a hoppin' nightclub type vibe, just a casual restaurant. I'm trying to think of a chain with a similar vibe... it's nicer than Applebee's but it's no The Keg. (Does that make any sense?) It's like the Cactus Club / Scotty Brown's / Earl's (too west coast?).

    It totally depends on what you're looking for and if you want classy, sophisticated, casual, or lets-get-hammered-drunk.
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