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Dresses on a Budget

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Sorry didnt realize i was on an international board! 

Thanks for the help :)

Re: Dresses on a Budget

  • So, wow. There are a couple of issues to address here:

    1: you might not get the help you want on this international board, so consider relocating your question to the NJ local board to get more responses.

    2: David's Bridal would definitely have tons of options in your price range (and your girls' price ranges), as would any store that offers white/ivory bridesmaid dresses as your wedding dress, if you're willing to think outside the box.

    3: Ask your BMs individually and privately what their budgets are and go from there. Also, consider giving them a color to work with and letting them choose their own dresses.

    4: If your venue is 75% of your budget (even with hyperbole) that is too. damn. much! You are going to be unable to afford the rest of your wedding if you spend more than 50% on your venue + food/drink. You may think that you can make it work, but really, it's going to be a mess. Really consider all of your spending and total budget before committing to a venue.

    5: Lurk around here and see what worked for others, it'll help you!

    Good luck!

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