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Corset undergarments

anyone here use a corset underneath their dress? My dress has a zipper but I have a lower belly pooch and was trying to find a way to hide that on my wedding day? Any suggestions? What did you use?

Re: Corset undergarments

  • A girdle or Spanx will likely do what you're wanting better than a corset. An actual functional corset that reduces the waist will change the fit of your dress and may show through the fabric.
  • Just keep in mind that whatever you choose will be on your body for several hours so make sure it's comfortable. 
  • Great input ladies thanks! I tried spanx but I feel like I look pregnant lol
  • I got a strapless low back bustier from Depending on the cut of your dress, that might work for ya. (Btw, their recommendation was to stay with your normal cup size, but go up one size on the band. I did that and mine fits perfectly.)
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