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Guest Dress???

Is this dress too chesty for a semi-formal wedding? Would you consider this a cocktail-style dress?

Also, I want to wear pearls... do these pearls go with the dress or should I choose a different necklace? Ie: a gold or black one?

Re: Guest Dress???

  • I don't think it's too busty, and I think pearls go with everything.
  • I think this is a very pretty dress, and definitely a cocktail dress, which I think fits into "semi-formal" (although some people have different understandings of what that means).

    I think the pearls look great with it.  Pearls go with everything.  

    Different people have different comfort levels with how much cleavage they like to show, but I don't think it's vulgar.  It's not like your boobs are popping out of it. 

  • I like it all.
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    That's right along the lines of what I picture when I hear "cocktail dress".  I don't think it's too chesty and the pearls are a pretty addition.
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    I would also consider this a cocktail dress and appropriate for a wedding.

    Pearls go with everything.
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