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AW: Our Wedding and Honeymoon!

The rehearsal and dinner went very well, and all seemed to have fun. The food was delicious but nothing felt too formal. DH was surprised with a limo to take him go-karting at the local indoor place as a bachelor party for him, and I guess they drank on the way back to the hotel and went and hung out in one of the groomsmen's rooms for a few hours after that. I had my bridesmaids come back to our hotel suite to give them their gifts while we drank wine, and I made a few of them cry. I gave them Kate Spade clutches tailored to each one's favorite color, a $100 spafinder gift card, handwritten cards thanking them, and personalized gifts (as if it were their birthdays thanks to advice on TK). Then we all hugged and one of them taught the rest of us how to do the Wobble so we could all do it the next day. 

DH came back to the room right as I was getting ready for bed, and we went to sleep. I woke up around 8 am and went to breakfast, where I ran into two of our guests who had flown in from San Diego the night before. I ate breakfast with them, and it was so nice getting to hang out with them one on one before all the craziness began. Then I went to the conference room reserved for makeup, and the MUA and Hair stylists arrived at 9. My bridesmaids and my mother and my MIL arrived then as well. MIL brought coffee and bagels, and I had asked the hotel to provide mimosas and sandwich wraps for lunch, so we all had plenty of food. The photographer and videographer arrived around 1:30, and from there things felt like a blur.

By 3 pm, DH and I were ready for our first look, which was amazing. My family had started arriving for family pictures early, so many of them got to see our first look happen unintentionally (including my cousin who saw me before DH did as I approached him and yelled that I looked beautiful, not realizing DH hadn't seen me yet and this was the moment when he would be seeing me for the first time! She was super embarrassed when she realized, and we laughed about it together later, so no harm done). DH loved what he saw when he turned around, and I couldn't believe how handsome he looked and that this would be my husband soon! We then went into family pictures, and got a break about 20 minutes before the ceremony began. 

We lined up outside of the tent to begin the processional, when rain drops started to fall. They were few and far between, but we were all concerned the sky would open up before we all got inside the tent. Fortunately it held off, but it started downpouring at the end of the ceremony! The groomsmen were handed umbrellas by the hotel staff to help escort guests from the tent to the reception building after they went through the receiving line held in the tent (we had to move it inside due to the rain). The rain had let up by the time our receiving line had ended, and DH and I got a few more pictures with the photographer after that. Then we went and joined everyone for the second half of cocktail hour, and by then guests were coming up to us telling us how much fun they were having already! We had an ice luge with our signature drink that was a huge hit, and our bar game went over amazingly well. We assigned numbers to drinks, and had large 20-sided dice for people to roll. We didn't require it, but everyone (including the bar tenders!) had a blast with it. We also had a whiskey and wine tasting station that people loved. 

Everyone was seated for dinner, and from there it was a pretty standard setup. We were announced, had our first dance (and our bridal party started singing along to the music during it which made it even more special!), and ate dinner. The DJ played soft music during dinner, and our friends and family started dancing to that while waiting for the main course to come out. The dance floor was packed by the time the main course came out (probably only 20 minutes between the salad and the main), and our DJ commented that he has never seen people dance during that time! After dinner, we went into the parent dances, cake cutting, and then officially opened the dance floor for the rest of the night. The dance floor was packed all night, and even people who said they don't dance at weddings were up dancing! The cake was delicious, and the dessert bar and coffee and cordial station was well appreciated as well. Then at the end of the reception (11:30 pm), we had an after party until 2 am in the hotel bar. We paid for food in the form of wings, pizza, and sliders, and the hotel staff brought leftovers from the dessert bar over too, and our friends and family had a blast getting to socialize and hang out with us longer. We were a little worried about not providing alcohol at this time too, but our friends and family seemed perfectly happy with buying drinks by that point if they wanted to keep drinking, and a few people took the opportunity to buy us shots, so it was a fun time.

DH and I got back to our hotel room at 3 am, which had been decorated with rose petals and a bottle of champagne was waiting for us. We went to sleep at 4, got up around 10 am, loaded up the car with our gifts, said goodbye to family/friends who were at the hotel still, drove back to our apartment, packed our bags, and the car to bring us to the airport arrived at 1:30. We were on the road by 2 pm, and arrived to JFK around 6 for our 8:40 pm flight, which got delayed to 9:40. We fortunately made it to LHR with plenty of time for our connection to Dublin, and picked up the rental car and drove directly to Ashford Castle. 

At Ashford, the original room they gave us had a ton of problems. The fireplace and sink drains didn't work, the room was missing towels and wash cloths, and the bathroom had a bright blue/purple "safety light" that couldn't be turned off. The light was a huge problem since the bed faced the doors to the bathroom, and the light basically illuminated the whole room at night, even with the bathroom doors closed. I was extremely upset, and DH and I made a game plan of asking to be moved to a different room or leaving early and finding a cute bed and breakfast nearby to stay at for the remaining 3 nights. He calmed me down by telling me that no matter what happens when we go to complain, we will have a great story to tell. And he was right.

The employees at Ashford felt terrible about the situation, but didn't have any other rooms in the castle they could move us to. The manager came out to speak with us, and just as we were about ready to tell them we were leaving early, she presented us with another option. It was true they didn't have any other rooms in the castle, but it turned out they did have something else on property available, which was the boat house built by the Guinness family in the 18th century right on the lake. It was called the Hideaway Cottage, and had it's own gated entrance, but was less than a 5 minute walk to the castle. It isn't possible to book this online, and it normally costs $3k a night. It is where they put celebrities who come to stay there but who want some privacy still. She offered to move us there at no additional cost to us, and we took it! After we moved, we had an amazing time. We had a nice little private cottage on the lake, but got to take advantage of all of the amenities and activities at the castle, including Falconry! 

The rest of our honeymoon was great too. We went to Killarney, did a boat tour of the lakes and a tour of the Gap of Dunloe by jaunting car, went to the Jameson Midleton Distillery and did a tour and a whiskey tasting, and explored Dublin and did the Guinness tour where we learned how to properly pour a pint off of a tap. We did a ton of walking, but we also ate a ton of delicious food (including hearty soups and amazing fish and chips) and drank a lot of beer and whiskey. We got two free shots of Baby Guinness and a free apple cake because it was our honeymoon, and now they are one of our favorite shots. DH thought it was just a small glass of Guinness and was very surprised when he drank it. We then had an overnight layover in London this past Friday night, and we stayed in a hotel where we had a view of Big Ben. We took the Tube everywhere to explore the city and see a few sights before heading back to the airport, our flight was uneventful (though the crew gave us a bottle of champagne to take home because it was our honeymoon), and we took the train back upstate from NYC Saturday night. 

Okay, that was long, so here are (non-pro) pictures! Please excuse the blurriness of some of them. Pro pictures should be done in the next 2-3 weeks, and I will AW those too!

DH (center) with the guys from my family having a great time at Cocktail Hour:

Trying to show more of what the cake topper says ("Light of my Life"):

And some bonus honeymoon pictures:
First Guinness in Ireland and showing off our new jewelry:



Re: AW: Our Wedding and Honeymoon!

  • Congratulations! It looks like you had a lovely wedding and an awesome honeymoon!
  • Congrats, I love the dress.  So jealous of your honeymoon, the cottage sounds amazing.


  • Congratulations again! Everything sounds wonderful! I would have jumped all over the boathouse too! I wanna know more about this drinking game though!
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Everything sounds wonderful!!
    friends tv show funy
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 member
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    @speakeasy14 I can't take full credit for it; believe it or not it was someone else's idea here on TK that I found while lurking looking for some nerdy touches we could incorporate. The person never did it though (at least they didn't acknowledge using that idea in the thread), and I couldn't find any pictures of it being done before. 

    The premise is that each number is assigned a drink, and you roll the die to see what your next drink will be. In many RPG games (which I don't play but DH has and many of his friends who were at the wedding still do), the 20 sided die is how events occur (i.e. roll a certain number to see if you get away from a monster or if you die). DH explained to me that rolling a 1 is called a Critical Failure, and rolling a 20 is considered a Critical Success. So in that monster example, a 1 would be dying a horrible death, losing everything, etc etc, and a 20 would be killing it, all of it's pack, and getting tons of treasure (or something like that lol). It was DH's idea to assign drinks that would be a critical failure and critical success to 1 and 20. 1 is self explanatory, but 20 is an inside joke with DH and my family. The first time he came camping with us my family got him so drunk on long island iced teas that he was hungover for 2 days, so it was the best option and our camping friends and family got a kick out of it.

    ETA: We also did some other creative assignments, such as 15 as our signature drink because our wedding was on July 15th. 

    I don't have a picture of the menu at our wedding that is legible yet, but here is the proof for the sign we ordered (the actual sign is in gold foil), and a picture of it set up with the jumbo dice and the bartenders at cocktail hour. 

  • @AuroraRose41 that sounds like a lot of fun/it could be dangerous!
  • @AuroraRose41 - Omg, YES! That drinking game does sounds fun. Although I'd just get all excited to keep rolling. . . And apparently my coworker just started trying out D&D, and he also likes alcohol, so I'm going to pass this on to him.

  • Oh, and another bonus picture for @AlPacina

    Notice anything about the name on the table number? :)

    We had a custom QR code on the back of each table number that brought you to a page on our website with a Wikipedia link to each scientist. They were all ones that contributed to the field of electrical engineering in some way (yes, we had Ohm, Volta, Ampere, etc.). 

    The table numbers themselves had a print that looked like a circuit to us in gold foil (squares at the end instead of circles but pretty close!), and we found place cards to match! These are the ones we used, both from Minted:
    Table Numbers Place Cards

  • @AuroraRose41 - That's such an awesome touch!

  • @speakeasy14 yes it was very dangerous, but our crowd absolutely loved it. Many of the people who really enjoyed had no idea 20-sided dice existed, so I am glad it was popular with the non-nerdy/RPG crowd too. I wasn't sure how popular it would be (which is the main reason we made sure to let people know it wasn't required). 

    @AlPacina OMG I am sure he is going to love it! I wonder if I started a trend! 

    Also, another kind of nerdy touch I forgot to include in my post that was a huge hit was our custom snapchat filter. We kept it a surprise for the most part and once people discovered it they loved it. Even our venue coordinator thought it was awesome and had never seen it before! Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook has probably seen it, which is why I am not sharing a picture with it here, but if you haven't and want to PM me :)

  • speakeasy14speakeasy14 member
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    @AuroraRose41 I'm not a DD or gamer nerd and I want to play!!! Also, I was wondering how some of those pictures were done.... sadly my first thought went to something like the paint tool hahaha I didn't even consider a snapchat filter
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 member
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    @speakeasy14 thanks! It was really cheap too, and since we couldn't afford a photobooth and many of our friends and family love snapchat, we figured this was a good compromise. I purchased the design for $10 from Etsy, and the geofilter itself cost $18 through snapchat to run from 4 pm to 2 am at the venue. I think that was $28 well spent since everyone loved it!

    ETA: Also, we were not without our hiccups. One thing that is really bothering me after the fact is that the flowers were not done correctly. I was pretty lenient with the florist and gave him a lot of creative license, but my only request was to incorporate red, and add some other accent colors to make it more summery. There are no red flowers on the cake or in the centerpieces (though there were red rose petals around the base of the centerpiece), and the only reason I allowed pink in the first place is that I understood that it would be a good transitional accent piece between red and ivory/white. The centerpiece mock up he did for us had red flowers in it with pops of ivory and light pink, and that is what we said we liked and were happy with. No offense to anyone who likes it, but I do not like pink, and to see our reception flowers were predominantly pink was not the way I hoped to kick it off. I took a few deep breaths and realized that there wasn't much I could do to prevent guests from seeing it and let it go the day of (I saw them about 10 minutes before guests sat down for dinner and wasn't about to hold dinner up because of it), but I am still not happy about it, especially after spending so much money on flowers to get the wrong color basically. 

    WWYD? I am thinking of calling the florist, but I don't even know how to bring it up without sounding ungrateful. It's such a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but I hate the way it looks, and will forever see that in my wedding pictures. 

  • Can't get over how beautiful your veil and cake are! And of course YOU! Congrats!!! 



  • @AuroraRose41 personally, I'd let it go. If it's bothering you that much, reach out to the florist and let him know you weren't 100% satisfied.  
  • Congratulations! Sounds like a perfect day and an amazing honeymoon!

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Finally was able to view the photos! You looked beautiful! Congrats and sounds like your entire wedding/honeymoon was perfect :)
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