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Bridal shower gift- no registry

I am attending a shower soon for a family member I was very close to growing up, but who I haven't seen often in adulthood. 

She is not registered and I know she will prefer cash for a wedding gift. Her future MIL is hosting the shower and as far as gifts go she requested guests bring something the couple could use on a night out or a romantic night in. 

I don't know the couple very well and I know the bride does not drink alcohol at all. I'm not sure what direction to go in... Lingerie? Just bring cash? Cash and a small gift? It would be awkward if I was the only one to buy something "kinky" but also kinda awkward if the gift opening was only cards (?) maybe just because I haven't been to a shower like that. I can only really think of gift cards as far as date nights out go! 

Any ideas? 

Re: Bridal shower gift- no registry

  • bleve0821bleve0821 The Shire member
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    What about a bottle of sparkling cider and a couple of champagne flutes?  You can personalize bottles to say Mr & Mrs (or anything else), have the flutes etched with their initials, whatever.

    We got a set of fondue pots at my shower that we use whenever we want to go to the Melting Pot but don't feel like shelling out $100+, so that's also an idea.  Fondue is pretty easy to make and fun to indulge in at home with Netflix (IMO, of course).

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  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    If they like to cook and would cook meals together, anything for the kitchen is good. Maybe a "goodie box" with spices, sauces, gourmet foods, etc. (ask her FMIL about allergies/intolerances, and check labels to see if there's any alcohol).

    Do they like sports, music, or theater? Maybe inexpensive tickets to an event?
  • Thanks everyone! I think the movie and popcorn baskets are super cute- but given the wording I did feel that they may get a lot of them! I really like the idea of games, my husband and I have played Cards Against Humanity with them before at family holidays etc. and they seem to enjoy it/laugh a lot
  • Binoculars, picnic blanket or basket, beach umbrella, cooler, fondue pot, and I'd make sure to buy it some place with a good return policy and include a gift receipt. 
  • I've given a night out before (dinner/movie) but not sure what your budget is.
  • kylexokylexo Finger Lakes, NY member
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    maybe a couple of Blue Apron deliveries or something like that?
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