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Finding used veils

looking for a nice used veil no more the $100

Re: Finding used veils

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    Why?  You can get a nice new veil for much less than that online unless you are looking for antique hand made lace.  Do not order directly from China!
  • Are you looking for something very ornate (CMG is right that you can get a nice veil new for cheaper than that)?  Or do you particularly want something antique?  Or maybe you're a crunchy gal that prefers buying used to buying new?  Just trying to figure out what you're looking for.

    I would check the usual used bridal sites, like,, or oncewed.  I'm not sure if they have veils, but it's worth checking.  Ebay isn't a bad option either as long as you get lots of pictures and the person has good feedback (just selected "used" or "preowned" on the left side options).

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