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Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas?

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon, and at a loss of where to go! We LOVE a forest and beachy vibe (think the Washington or Oregon coast), good views, not a crazy high population, and a relaxing setting. We would love to leave the country, we are young and want to take advantage of this opportunity before we start settling down! :) 

Re: Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas?

  • what kind of budget do you have?  How much time do you have off?

    We went on safari in South Africa which was pretty adventurous.  We also went to Paris and Amsterdam.

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  • We spent time in New Zealand recently. The North Island had a very pacific beach vibe. The far north is subtropical, so it can be warmer in their summer. The rest of the North Island is more temperate, yet has seasons. The South Island is more mountainous and has tons of adventure activities. We did hiking, helicopter tour and wine tours, but there is way more than that! 

    On a separate trip, we honeymooned in Australia. There is soooo much to see and do there with varied climate and topography, from tropics to mountains to desert. 

    Again, budget plays a role.


  • If New Zealand is too far for you, Iceland, Scotland, and Scandinavia all have great mountain/coastal areas, lots of open space to explore, and fantastic views. 
  • We went to Alaska for our last vacation. Not my favourite place but I think if you like adventure and outdoors, it may be awesome. If you like shellfish ... bonus.
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    What time of year will you be going?  That makes a huge difference.
    What is your budget?
    Where will you be traveling from?
  • Costa Rica. Or Panama. 
  • If you need a cheaper vacation, go hike the West Coast Trail.  Forest and beaches.  And it's adventurous, cos you might get eaten by a cougar.  ;)

  • Some of the Canadian brides might have some good suggestions.
  • I agree with the others that money, time of year (etc) will play a role in determining where to go, but if you want to leave the country on a budget maybe you can look into Belize City, Belize. My FI and I went there on a cruise and had an amazing time on the excursion. There were beaches and a rainforest, you can relax by the ocean or hike a bit to go cave tubing, zip lining, etc. We didn't see much of the mainland to know about a full stay there, but it looked beautiful and seemed to fit what you're saying :)
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    I had a co-worker who went to Costa Rica on her honeymoon and was very adventurous. The biked, hiked and zipped-lined.

    If you're looking a bit cheaper, Canada is a good option. Your money would go a long way. There are TONS of beautiful places in British Columbia (Kelowna, Revelstoke, Kamploops, Fernie) and Alberta (Canmore, Banff, Jasper and anywhere in between Banff and Jasper) that are in/near the mountains and/or water where you can hike, bike, mountain climb, swim, kayak, canoe. Okanagan B.C. is also great if you want to do wine tours. Some of the larger towns/cities are a little more touristy but you can easily get away from that, and there are lots of options for renting either a hotel, cabin or condo.
  • Our honeymoon is in December, so we are going to South America where it will be summer down there. We are going to Patagonia, on the Chilean side. Then we are renting a car and driving down a beautiful rural highway, "Carterra Austal" and doing day hikes, and stopping/camping in other places. My friend is a guide down there, and really helping us to plan it. 

    We were going to go to Costa Rica, but just wasn't worth the risk for us with the Zika virus.
  • Another vote for Iceland!! We just went there in May and it was amazing. There is incredible hiking, a number of different terrains....we felt like we were on a different planet. We rented a car and found it very easy to navigate. Most of the national parks are free, and there are signs all along the main highways denoting attractions. Travel (from the eastern US) was relatively affordable. The costliest thing was the food, but we stopped at a grocery store & got supplies for PB&J's for lunch and most hotels provided breakfast. 
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