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It's my Friday!

Helloooooo NEY! 

I'm a sore panda today! I taught the kids a dance last night, and forgot that I am OLD and can't move the way they do. I am going to have to roll myself to practice tonight! LOL.

Tomorrow BF and I both took off work. We are going to see Suicide Squad early in the day, then come home and get ready. Tomorrow night is my best friend's wedding!! I can't wait to celebrate with them! It is at a beautiful venue right on the water and they are doing a "lobster fest" so I am sure it's going to be a great time!

Saturday I have a birthday party for my cousin's son. He is the closest I will ever have to a nephew, so I can't wait to go see him! I also get to snuggle his baby sister which I am looking forward to!

Sunday we have a cookout at my parents house. My cousin that moved in with my parents, his mom is home visiting from Vegas so we get to see her too. She is so happy that he moved home so I am sure it will be great to see her so happy. 

It's going to be a busy weekend, but I am sure it will be a fun one! Does anyone else have fun weekend plans??
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Re: It's my Friday!

  • @LizzyTish88 Happy weekend to you! That wedding sounds so low-key and New England, I hope it's fun!

    Last night my BIL was in town so we tried a new restaurant with him that was pretty good. I pretty much went to bed right after because I had gotten up at 5 and was getting up at 5am again today. Had spin this morning and it was one of the best classes I've had, it was so energizing! 

    H is leaving this afternoon for a conference and I won't see him until the 15th! I'm not sure I know what to do with myself while he's gone. So far my weekend consists of knitting and binge-watching shows all weekend, and then brunch with a couple of work friends on Sunday. I'm excited to relax!

  • Oh also! I'm cooking for one for the next week and a half - any suggestions for good, healthy 1-person meals?!
  • The damned Eleanor shat all over the floor last night and buried it under my throw pillow, which I discovered this morning when I picked the pillow up and the shit rolled up my leg.

    I'm feeling traumatized today, which might be an overreaction (forgiveness since this occurred within 5 minutes of me waking up?).
  • @KeptInStitches not an overreaction at all! I've stepped in cat puke the second I've woken up before and it is not. fun. sorry! How were the storms last night? Everyone ok?
  • @southernpeach89 A couple of weeks?! aww poor Callie! That's awful. Enjoy lunch today!
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  • @speakeasy14 Omg that sounds like such an amazing time!!! I'm bummed you couldn't take photos inside...but I guess that makes sense.

  • @southernpeach89, @labro, @PamBeesly524, @speakeasy14 - thanks for the sympathy.

    We did not get the big tornadoes like some other areas did, but we got 2" of rain in about an hour, so the fucking basement flooded again. And H got food poisoning from supper last night (we ordered from a pizza chain that shall remain nameless), so ... do I have to go home today?
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  • @KeptInStitches Oh nooooooooooo!!! :( We had a rainstorm near our house today and it put down 3 inches of rain in an hour in some places. Flooding seriously SUCKS! I vote you don't go home. Go out to a restaurant, have a drink, and then get a fancy hotel room and have a bubble bath!

  • @PamBeesly524 Glad you enjoyed dinner at a new place last night! 

    @KeptInStitches Yikes! I would avoid the place if you can and lysol the shit out of it if you can't! Hope everyone feels better soon!

    @southernpeach89 Poor Callie! I hope she gets better soon! It sucks to not be able to do anything. Have fun on your lunch date with @labro!

    @labro I hope the estimate is a good one and you get to move forward with the project! I'm sure it'll look amazing once complete!

    @speakeasy14 BF would have loved to see Jerry Seinfeld! Aziz is hilarious too! Sounds like such a good time! CC is good, you'll love it. I have to finish part two hopefully before the weekend! THIS is the dance I taught. OMG too funny. My boy is determined to learn it and look like these guys. He is awesomely determined!! I did a jump on Monday night. The jump was good and my legs/height were good, but I fell on my ass when I landed it. Between that and doing a cartwheel without stretching I am hobbling!!! So funny!
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  • @speakeasy14 that's awesome that you had such a great time! I've always wanted to go to a taping of a show like that. Your photos aren't showing up on my screen for some reason but hopefully they will later!
  • @LizzyTish88 geez, no wonder you're sore! That dance is intense! 
  • @minskat30  @southernpeach89  my first actual word was "shoe" but I said 'da da' first - my mum was actually out of the city when I said "mum" {she was more irked because she opted to work at nights so I wouldn't be at a babysitter and end up missing things}
  • @AlPacina Who knows...Everything is just delicious there but I'm pretty sure it's just the name of the restaurant lol.
  • @AlPacina ugh wth internet company!!?! 
  • @AlPacina ugh wth internet company!!?! 

  • @LizzyTish88 do you make your own mixes or buy them?  I used to use a software and make my own mixes, it was Gold something, but I don't even have music on my computer anymore to be able to do that.  All my music is through spotify.
  • @speakeasy14 We have to buy it. They just started enforcing it in the cheer industry because we have to also purchase the rights to use the music. Some artists have sued because cheer teams didn't purchase the royalties and were being broadcast on TV and also selling tickets to enter. So now they are being really cautious about it. Our music this year is going to be $300 per team. So crazy!!
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