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Will the real Friday please stand up?


Re: Will the real Friday please stand up?

  • @twodimes, good luck this weekend!
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  • @TwoDimes - Good luck surviving with the ILs! And I'm really liking the book a lot so far. I've been enjoying the writing style, and the main character (although the Alzheimer's element is a bit sad for me).

    @beachyone15 - Yea, VooDoo Donuts was the only thing I could think of, but since I technically live in Washington I didn't want to put any Oregon stuff down. I can think of state-specific foods for basically every state I've visited, but nothing for Washington.

    @MissKittyDanger - Yea, I meant the deep fried ones. They are delicious!

    beachyone15MissKittyDanger[Deleted User]
  • @AlPacina  they look the same :) do they come with different toppings also?
  • @MissKittyDanger - Most of the time I've had it just served with white or brown sugar sprinkled on it. The point is that it's massive, not complicated, haha.

  • @labro  true! Rare times I use coupons it's for random things like peanut butter, cat crunchy/litter, etc. 
  • @TwoDimes I buy it for cooking wine...and usually end up drinking a glass (or two or three) of it while I'm using the remainder for the recipe lol.

    [Deleted User]speakeasy14
  • @twomdimes I'm jealous of the $0.59 per gallon day! The most I ever got was $0.40 off a gallon, but that was also when gas was around $2.30.  I remember gas being $0.99 when I got my permit though.  That's the last time I paid under $1.00. 

    @labro I still will check coupons for cleaning supplies and stuff, but definitely not for food. 
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  • @Peaseblossom55 That's so exciting you are feeling Duck move around already! Your H definitely owes you some root beer floats!

    Peaseblossom55[Deleted User]speakeasy14
  • ow much does gas cost by you?  $2 something

    What is your sales tax? 7%

    How much does a bottle of wine cost? I can get the $3 chuck from trader joe's but it depends what I am looking for
    When referring to more than 1 person, what do you call them? not sure

    What is something you eat that is only available in your state? hmmm I don't know this is a tough one...


  • labro said:
    @Peaseblossom55 That's so exciting you are feeling Duck move around already! Your H definitely owes you some root beer floats!
    With bed rest he has been waiting on me since we came home last Friday night.  I owe him a ton too, he has been working from home all week too.  The movement is small tickles and flutters right now.


    labro[Deleted User]KeptInStitches
  • @Peaseblossom55 oooo I love the flutters!!!! I miss those tiny tiny kicks. That gives me the all the feels.
  • @peaseblossom55 - I've missed you!! I had a rose flavored bubble tea once, and it was incredible. And actually, I think I've had a rose martini too. That cupcake sounds delicious!

  • @AlPacina a rose martini sounds amazing. I keep craving alcohol it's so odd. I've missed you too.

    @southernpeach89 they are fun, I'm 90% sure that's what I'm feeling.


    AlPacina[Deleted User]
  • @Peaseblossom55 No judgement here if you eat all the sweets! That rose cupcake sounds delicious! Are they all different flavors?
  • @peaseblossom55, awesome cupcakes - I'm jealous! And you should definitely have root beer floats.
  • How  I feel about invoices...

  • @minskat30 thanks.  I will take bed rest for sure over not being pregnant.  I hope this weekend you can get in some good rest and get to the gym!


  • @minskat30 odd is an understatement... two more weeks of this nonsense
  • @minskat30 I hope this weekend you can get some much needed "you time" and feel rejuvenated!
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    @Peaseblossom55 They probably are...I remember it felt like a tiny flutters or maybe tiny flips. It was so discrete but you could just tell that it wasn't anything else.
  • @minskat30 - I hope you're able to get that workout in! Honestly, I love how it feels after some time off. Even if I feel terrible and weak, it's refreshing to be proud of yourself for just working out, period, haha. I set small goals.

    And no, I don't really enjoy yard work because of my allergies and the crazy itchiness that accompanies it. I mostly just have more bushes that need to be trimmed back, and am trying to make sure I set that as a priority before it gets all rainy again.

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