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The Manor - West Orange vs. Other places HELP

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So i really honestly fell in love with The Manor. My concern is the possible 3 wedding a night. I have had an EXTREMELY hard time in Northern NJ finding people whose minimums i actually meet and are in my price range. Due to job restrictions the wedding has to take place in the summer (im looking at July)

I am only inviting 120 guests so i do not feel comfortable with venues that require minimums above 100 as not everyone will bring a plus 1 or even say yes. I just simply do not know that many people and will not pay to put invisible people in the room to meet the minimums. My price per person (before tax/service charge) has to be 90-95 for my budget. I have ruled out Saturdays automatically and have only been asking about Friday/Sundays for these reasons and still having a difficult time.

I have been everywhere - 14 places! The only places that i have found (thus far) that meet these minimums and prices are:

The Tides Estate - this place was ok, nothing about it i loved and because we are the smaller size we wouldnt be in the very pretty ballroom but downstairs. Still nice but not really something i was excited about. You can also see houses in the background of their small grounds. This can potentially have 2 weddings at a time with 2hr stagger start time.

The Manor - was absolutely amazing and i loved it the second i walked in. They have a hotel on site as well which saves me transport costs. My worry is the possible 3 wedding thing. They stagger each by 1hr and said they have hosts to aid guests as well. Separate cocktail room from the actual room (i loved the imperial) was nice with the sliding doors. The grounds are beautiful and exactly what i wanted, but again i'm nervous about the service of a possible 3 wedding night. Id probably pick a sunday so maybe i would luck out and only have 2 weddings.

Richfield Regency - very small but somehow 2 weddings a night. No grounds whatsoever. Right off the road so that turned me off. The rooms were smaller too, the lady was wonderful and i have read the food is as well but they had a wedding set up when i went and i noticed things like stains on the curtains, etc.

Knoll Country Club - The grounds and outside cocktail hour was very pretty! I liked the main man we spoke too as well. FI didn't like it too much, said it had an odd smell and the rooms felt older decor wise. 2 weddings a night but in separate buildings on separate sides of the grounds so not much of a concern. 

The Bethwood - hated it.

Those are about the only places that meet our prices/min. I have looked at David's Country inn as well - but its much farther and i dont know if they have minimums and am looking at lake mohawk as well.

What do you think? The Manor or some place else i havent thought of?

Re: The Manor - West Orange vs. Other places HELP

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    My future sister in law got married at Woodcliff Manor. They did a Sunday afternoon wedding in October (2pm start) which a lot of places wouldn't allow because they wanted a morning and night wedding and this was like 2-8 or so. They were the only wedding there and I think they had around 80 people. Maybe look into that? I also hated Bethwood LOL they said they could have like 8 weddings at a time. haha. way too many things going on
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    If you were really looking for a Saturday in that price range your should check out Elan's in Lodi, NJ. The outside my not be as fancy as the places you seen the inside is pretty nice. 96pp all inclusive plus open bar. Also check out Fiesta I just got a quote and they have different packages A,B, C and ranging from 60.95pp to 112.95pp taxes and service charges not included.
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