Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Glad its over!

So is it bad when people ask you how the wedding was and your response is "I think it was nice - I don't really remember" ? (Ok, maybe that's because three days later, he went in for a total knee replacement)

Mom was minimally bitchy during - had to hear some whining afterwards, but overall wasn't too bad. Food was awesome, we had great weather for the whole weekend, and we didn't run out of booze! Now just to muddle through the name change process *sigh*


Re: Glad its over!

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    Sounds like you've been busy since. During the day of, I felt like I was being "in the moment", but looking back, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that just blurred by.
  • Oh so much of it blurred by! And yes, its been rather busy - I got to spend my honeymoon playing nurse to my new hubby. But on the bright side when we go on a real honeymoon next year, he'll be able to walk pain free during whatever we plan! 
  • I love that picture of you and your H! Sending healing vibes!
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