Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

i got married and it was SO FUN!

Despite the level 2 drought we're experiencing right now, it decided to POUR the morning the wedding (fortunately only off and on light sprinkles during first look/wedding party photos).

And even though I was stressed about the level of DIY craziness I took on, it all pulled together to look beautiful (and like it cost a lot more than we spent!) 

Re: i got married and it was SO FUN!

  • also, the only real things that went wrong were we forgot the corsages for moms and bouts for dads at the hotel :( and the wedding arch fell down shortly after the ceremony, so it's crooked in some of the family photos.

    some stuff that was weird/i wasn't expecting:
    --people standing up during the ceremony? (you can see them in some of the photos) we had about 20 more chairs than necessary set up, but a bunch of people stood in the back with umbrellas even though it wasn't raining.
    --shuttle bus was a half hour late, postponing ceremony, which turned out to be a blessing cause the rain stopped
    --so much leftover food and alcohol, like a staggering amount.
  • and sorry i posted the link, i haven't gotten official photos from the photographer yet and her blog won't let me grab the pictures off of it
  • Fabulous pictures! I love the one from above with you giving the peace sign! Glad it stopped raining in time for your ceremony. Congratulations!
  • Gorgeous pictures! Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations! Love your pictures!
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  • Love the pictures! Glad it stopped raining in time for your ceremony!
  • You look beautiful - and I love the use of succulents everywhere!  Congrats.
  • Looks like you had an amazing day! Congrats!  :)
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    Beautiful! Everything! Love the colours and mismatched WP outfits (and your pup!!).

  • Beautiful photos! You and your DH are glowing in all of them! And so is your furbaby! :) I also love your bouquet -- absolutely gorgeous!

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  • The beer run picture.  YES!!!! I also love the "Thanks ya'll".  My parents moved from up North North (Canada) to the South (Memphis) and they now say ya'll.  The Canadians make fun of them so that would be perfect at our wedding!

  • You look amazing! Love the color palette and those bridge photos are so pretty. 

  • Love love love! Everything looked gorgeous! I especially love your pictures at Robert H Treman - H and I love going there, it's so beautiful.
  • Congrats!  The photo of you putting on your earring could be a bridal ad. And that's so sweet about your grandmother's bow on your dress  o:)
  • That's funny about the chairs.  I went to a wedding on Saturday that didn't have enough chairs (there were a few random singles out there).  We were all totally fine standing.   They brought out more chairs.  About 10 of us were like.... darn, I guess they expected us to sit?   We really didn't want to sit as we could see better standing.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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