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Cleaning wedding dress?

I need to clean my wedding dress. It ended up raining later in the evening and my lace outer layer and satin lining are in tough shape. I also walked through a puddle of red wine, so that's another issue. 
After reading around online, I tried oxi-clean on some really bad spots and it did help, but it turned the wine stains a weird color so it's not a good solution. 
Has anyone used the online wedding dress cleaning/preserving companies? Reviews seem very mixed. 

Re: Cleaning wedding dress?

  • I left mine with a local dry cleaner I trust. They cleaned my dress (no wine stains though, just dirt from people stepping on the train) and then sealed it up in a box for me.

  • A dry cleaner will charge $100 or more to clean a wedding dress.  I would ask for an estimate before doing this.
    I do think that dress preservation is a waste of money.  I wrapped mine in unbleached muslin (washed), and it looks amazing good after 40 years, but it is out of style.  I wish I had donated it to charity when it was still useful for some bride on a stricter budget than me.
  • I just sent mine to Bridalkare in Buffalo, NY and had it back within 6 weeks. It was $150 to have the gown and veil cleaned and preserved.

    Is it wasteful? Maybe if I'm not going to hang out with my friends in our wedding dresses in the future a la 'Friends', but I definitely, definitely am.

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