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Dress Preservation - HELP

My wedding (sadly) has come and gone... My mom was tasked with finding somewhere to clean and preserve my gown. She found a place called "Classic Heirlooms" in Kerrville, TX. I can't find any reviews online and was wondering two things. Has anyone ever heard of this place?! Also, any recommendations on a dress preservation company? We're located in Northeast Ohio, but obviously my mom is willing to ship...

Re: Dress Preservation - HELP

  • I don't have any recommendations but it is an expensive undertaking. I had mine preserved 33 years ago. Really wish I hadn't. No one will ever wear the dress (DD wanted a different style). She did wear my veil. If consignment shops had been an option back then, I would have sold mine.
  • I would ask a few local dry cleaners who they would recommend.
  • Most Knotties know that I have cancer, and will not be around for many more years.  Now, what the hell is my family going to do with my wedding dress from 40 years ago?  It is out of style.  No one wants it.  Why didn't I donate it to charity when it would still have been useful to another bride on a budget?  Stupid me!
  • I just commented on another thread about how I sent mine to a place called Bridalkare that I found online - it was $150 for the gown and veil to be cleaned and preserved. Opinions around here seem to be that it's wasteful, but I'm glad I did it because 1) my dress was pricy and 2) I have no idea how I would have ever gotten it folded up at all, considering how enormous my skirt was.
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