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Reasonable Venue Rate In NJ

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Hello everyone, I have been on the hunt for a wedding venue for about 125 guest. I got a quote from Graycliff, I believe was 65pp but the venue seem dated to me, Elan in Lodi was 84pp on Friday and Sunday and 96pp on Saturday. The Grand Marquis was reasonable but the wedding will have to take place on a Sunday and in the morning. Any suggestions?

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  • You should probably post this on your local board since many of us will not know what those venues are.
  • I agree with Cat.  A reasonable rate is going to be really dependent on when and where you are getting married, your desired level of formality, and your must haves vs. things you are willing to forgo.  It's hard for those of us from different areas to weigh in on what may or may not be a reasonable starting point.

  • I'm moving this to your local board as you will have more luck there.
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  • Hey All, 
    My fiance and I found a gorgeous venue (The Brookside Banquet)for both our ceremony and reception. We booked the venue and date early to lock in their early-bird special (The venue wasn't complete with it's renovations). Unfortunately, we are dealing with financial issues and we cannot afford the wedding we were planning on. 
    Our deposit was $2,000 and it is nonrefundable. We are willing to sell a couple our deposit for a negotiable price. Because we booked so soon we got an amazing deal that came with the deposit dishes per person range from $85-$100 and the deposit also includes 5 hours premium liquor open bar.

    If you are interested in taking over our deposit please let me know. Also, the date is changeable depending on the venue's availability. 
  • What is your budget/time period for getting married? What are you looking for? 

    Royce Brook and Architects Golf Club were very, very reasonable under $100 without tax and grat for certain packages. Mayfair Farms was also about $105 on a sat night in November (and their list of inclusive food/drink is great!). Also farmstead is beautiful and holds a max of 180 which seemed tight to us. The grounds and building are beautiful though and they have packages under $100 PP. 

    Good luck! 
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