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    @amandalsheridan stop trying to advertize on these boards.  @KnotRiley

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    The vendor has been banned.


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    I talked to my bridesmaids about it (after deciding I was NOT going to buy robes for them)... one of them said, "I don't give a shit, I'll wear a tshirt and if I have to cut myself out of it, I will." 

    I think that will make for the best bonding pictures ;) 
     ....that's what I did. But there are no pictures because I didn't feel comfortable undressing in front of our photographer (a virtual stranger!) and banished him from the room. 

    I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable half dressed in front of my photographer, and I wasn't about to ask my friends to do the same for any pictures. 

    He just posted like 5 photos on his blog of a bride who had all her BMs wear matching short robes, and not a one of them looked at ease. Pass.

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