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It's Not Friday

Thursdays suck.

Where is everyone anyway? How is it nearly 10 on the east coast?

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  • Last night our client pulled something really shitty on us so even though I've been putting in a shit ton of hours and work and literally working through sickness, it was all basically for nothing. I really wanted to go home and drink all the wine but I couldn't because I'm still fucking sick and I can't mix alcohol with the medication unless I actually want to die/destroy my kidneys and liver forever.

    Anyway so today it's basically all picking up the pieces and having to be a professional bitch to the right people so they can know just how frustrated we are at all the behind our back business that was happening. Tonight I'm going home and using some of my farmer's market produce to make Creamy Mushroom and Leek Chicken. The recipe sounds delicious!!

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    @labro that's awful of them! I can only imagine how pissed you are because Matt's had client situations that were similar - last minute changes that ruin a huge amount of work.
    Hopefully you can kick this soon so you can have all the wine!!


    So when it's stupid levels of hot, you really don't want to do anything. Luckily there was some cool air outside, so I flipped our window fan and our bedroom was much cooler.
    I'll be glad for moving. Even if we get a heatwave before we decide to get central air, hardwood is better than carpet. You can legit feel the heat radiating through the floors. It's gross.

    Tonight isn't much. I might try to get a couple boxes packed up.

    This weekend is pretty low-key also. Since I'm off early on Friday, I'm meeting my mum at the mall to look at dresses. I saw one and hoping it looks as nice as online. Then we're seeing "Suicide Squad" Yayyy!!
    Saturday is food truck rally and my mum said she may want something, so we'll see what they have.
    Sunday is nothing. I think just packing and watching movies.

    Another mall opened up a new wing today and I can't go yet :(
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  • @southernpeach89  congrats to your H for doing! At least things got out and they have at least heard the situation. Hopefully a better outcome for everyone's sake! *fingers crossed*
  • @labro WTF client!! That sucks, hopefully you can have all the wine soon!

    @southernpeach89 Sorry things didn't go that well with H and his mom. Hopefully a night out will help you to feel a little better! Hugs!

    I am still feeling crappy but overall better. Yesterday and this morning have been a shitshow. Work is insanely busy and I can't catch a second to breathe.

    Yesterday it was raining and no lie, at least 9 different people contacted me on/through text, call, email, FB, Instagram, and Snapchat asking if cheer practice was cancelled. I started telling them to contact the coordinator and ask her, but it got to a point that I just started to ignore everyone. 

    At 4ish the coordinator texted me asking if we were having practice. I said back "IDK you tell me cheer coordinator." It's not my call!! It ended up getting cancelled and when I sent that out to people I added a note saying to please respect my time because I work full time and can't answer x/y/z methods all day long. So then my phone started blowing up with people apologizing. Between that and the other coaches not stepping up when I outright asked for help, cheer is on my short list right now.

    Also my old boss is haunting us even though he is gone. He sent an email to the Supt basically saying I fucked up his last check and he wanted it corrected. I didn't, and the Supt had my back so we sent an explanation and hopefully that will shut him up. 

    I need all the alcohol and I can't because of meds. Booooooo
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  • @LizzyTish88 Seriously they need to invent effective meds that don't get fucked up by alcohol. End of story.

    At least I finally got a full night of sleep last night!

    @southernpeach89 I'm glad your DH had the opportunity to be up front with your MIL. Even if it didn't go the way you had hoped, at least your position is 100% clear to them. Have fun tonight at your Mom's Night Out!!!

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    @AlPacina WOOHOO!!!! I'm sure it's a for certain thing! SO EXCITING!!

    I definitely told H last night that he needs to get a new job in CA so that I can quit my job gracefully and tell everyone at the client they can fuck off forever.

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  • @AlPacina Everything crossed for you!!! 
    @labro that client sucks.  I'm sorry that all the headaches and extra work have been for nothing.
    @LizzyTish88 sounds like your old boss is bored, hopefully he goes away for good soon.
    @MissKittyDanger do you not have AC at all?  
    @southernpeach89 enjoy your mom's night out!

    I have 100 invoices that I need to do today.  In 4.5 hours I've gotten 6 done.  That's all for my excitement...

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    @AlPacina  hardwood > anything else. Also basement would be lovely if hot too. And *crosses fingers* :)

    @speakeasy14  nope. 5 fans and all the afternoon sun to cook our place :( It's brutal.
  • @AlPacina WOOHOO Fingers crossed you get the job!

    @speakeasy14 I hope he's just bored! You sound like me right now at work!! 
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  • FLEE, @speakeasy14!! Run for your life!

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  • @labro, ick. Good luck cleaning up the mess.

    @southernpeach89, sorry the conversation didn't go well. At least your DH brought it up.

    @alpacina, glad the interview went well! I'll keep everything crossed!
    Oh my god I'm grouchy. Beyond all rational thought grouchy. I overslept this morning, there's drama llama in one of the gaming groups that for some reason I'm getting to deal with, one of my students from last spring is still managing to be a thorn in my side, and the fast food restaurant got my lunch order wrong.

    H and I are having supper with my parents. Then I'm planning to not talk to anyone else as much as humanly possible.
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