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Having a Bachelorette Party in February and Having a Hard time with the Destination

Hi there- I'm at the first stages of planning my bachelorette party (with the help of my bridesmaids) and I was struggling a little about where to go. Due to timing of the wedding / a lot of people in my group getting married, my bachelorette will fall sometime in February, and I'm concerned about where to go due to weather. Everyone has already said they are in for the date and are fine to fly since we are all coming from different places, but I'd like to pick a place that a)isn't horrifically expensive for everyone and b)won't be totally freezing in February. Had thought of some of the islands, but now that Zika is a thing, I don't want to ask people to put their health at risk. Has anyone been to any that have been particularly fun / over the winter? 

Re: Having a Bachelorette Party in February and Having a Hard time with the Destination

  • They'll be planning the activities, but in order to actually figure out how many we are / what's appropriate to do I need to pick a place so people decide if they're in or out based on cost. 
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    I've planned two bachelorette parties, once as a MOH and once as a BM(never as a bride).  The BMs planning really just need to know the dates you're free and the guest list.  Then they get all of the guests' budgets before planning.  

    I like all of @SP29 suggestions as far as destinations.  I'd like to add New Orleans which during February I've heard is a lot of fun (Mardi Gras).
  • New Orleans, Charleston, San Diego, Arizona, Austin. 
  • Honestly, I just don't understand all this expense and fuss over what could simply be a night on the town with your best friends.
  • Sorry.  I'm just too frugal to appreciate expensive pre-wedding parties.
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