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Processional Song Help!

Hello! My fiancé and I are getting married next spring, and I found a cover version of a song that I fell in love with, that I really want to use as my processional song. My only concern is that the lyrics say "I'll be the man" instead of "woman." 

Does this seem odd to anyone? Confusing even?

Here is a link to the song:

There is an instrumental version, however I love the way the song is sung, and would prefer the vocal version, but not if folks are going to be put off or confused by it.

Re: Processional Song Help!

  • That's a really nice cover.

    I think it's fine. You'll be walking toward him at this point (I assume) so if guests are confused they can think of it as coming from his point of view.
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  • It won't take the length of the first verse for you to walk down the aisle. Cutting the song off the song would be awkward, to say the least. Instrumental for the procession, then use this at the reception? It's beautiful. I love the original and this puts a whole new spin on it.
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    I think it's pretty, and if you like it use it without too much regard for the pronouns.  :-)   (Agree with PP it won't take 3.5 minutes for your processional, so sometimes people choose instrumentals so the song can easily fade.)  

    FYI:  I was at a wedding in April that used this version (below) by Haley and Michael for their recessional, and it was very pretty!

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    I love this song too!

    We also used the vocal versions of songs (I used "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last!). I had the song played for when my bridesmaid/MOH walked down the aisle as well to allow more of it to play. We played "Till Kingdom Come" by Coldplay for when DH and his groomsmen processed down the aisle. We recessed to "The Best is Yet to Come" which we played in it's entirety for all to recess to.
  • We used this song to walk down the aisle to. It's so beautiful that we didn't care about the man/woman thing.  When we heard the song for the first time we both knew that it was perfect. The important thing was that the song made us feel exactly how we wanted to feel for a walk down the aisle and that was all that mattered. Great choice!
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