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How to Tip Wedding Event Planner

I am going with one company who I pay for all services and then they, in turn, pay the photographer, officiant, etc. How should I go about tipping for services? I read that normally you tip pretty much everyone but not sure how to go about this since I'm technically only paying one company.

Re: How to Tip Wedding Event Planner

  • great thanks guys!

  • You should still have a breakdown of what each of the vendors is costing. We put the tips in envelopes with the vendors name on it. The planner distributed the envelopes. The photographer wasn't tipped until after DD and SIL received their photo album.

    Even if you are paying a package price and you don't have a breakdown of individual charges, you should have a general idea what the going rate is for each category of services and what an appropriate tip should be.  
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