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So we recently got married 8/6/16 in Vegas and it was soooo much fun and we had a great time.  Getting my dress on board with Delta was very simple, the flight home in general not so much (delta had outages and practically all the flights were delayed).  Below are my reviews of our weekend adventure:

We ended up getting a corner suite which is WELL WORTH the additional costs. You don't have to wait in the lengthy lines for check in and check out, every day you get to go in the tower suite concierge area that is separate from the normal rooms. They have an espresso machine, coffee, snacks, soda, water etc. it was great because then we didn't have to pay the pricey fees on the strip for water when we were walking around.  Our room was very nice, kind of a walk because it was at the end of the hall, but worth it. We were on the 22nd floor, had views of the strip, mountains everything it was amazing. The room has two bathrooms, a living room area with a refrigerator you can store things in (some rooms only have the fridge that you have to pay for things with).  The suite bathroom had a bidet which was convenient and different lol. Overall great experience, good cleaning every day, good gambling. The buffet was pretty cheap for breakfast. Aria Cafe was pricey but again worth it.

Amelia C: A
I got my makeup done as well as my mother and mother in law. It was kind of expensive but it was nice because they came to our room to do the makeup and we didn't have to leave. We all got lashes, make up and hair. I thought we were going to get airbrush makeup but our makeup artist didn't really offer that so we just went with what she said and in the end it turned out well. All three of us loved the makeup and hair. We had Bri for makeup and Samantha for hair. They definitely knew what they were doing and if we didn't like something they fixed it right away. it wasn't awkward at all the girls were very nice and talkative. I want to say it was around $600 including the tip

Silver Sky Chapel: B+
I worked with many different people on our ceremony at Silver Sky.  It wasn't a bad thing because they all were very nice and knew what they were talking about. We went to the chapel the day before to take a look at everything and pick the back drop colors. I can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful chapels on the strip without the strip price.  It didn't smell like old chapels, it was very modern and had touches that you see at typical weddings.  The only reason i'm giving it a B is because I felt like our flowers were a little wilted on the edges and by the end of the night they were falling apart (i'm sure that has to do with the 100+ degree weather though). We got to stay in the bridal get ready room so my husband never got to see me before the ceremony. We opted to have our own photographer which was an additional $150.00 but I loved Todd (which i'll review later).  We did order the 5 Day webcast which I didn't get an email when they told me I would and after 2 calls the next day someone finally sent me the link.  It was very good quality i believe it was by cashman? I ordered the DVD too which has yet to come but it hasn't been too long so i'm not too concerned. Everything went smooth sailing and everyone loved the chapel. good music selection. I think all together everything cost around $900 and we got additional bouquets and boutonnieres.

Border Grill: B
I really loveddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd the food here. I never tried it until the reception and it was excellent. We worked with Denise who was pretty good at responding to all my questions. We had Border Guac (which was at almost every table and it was soooo good with salsas too), Chicken Sopes, Potato Rojas Tacos (guest favorite) Poblano Quesadillas, Plantain Empanadas, Beef Brisket Flautas (my fave), sweet ancho chile pork skewers, chile lime shrimp, bacon wrapped dates. I also added a champage toast and we brought in a cake/cupcakes from Retro Bakery (review later).  We had it set up so when the guests arrived they would get a beer or margarita and then after that it was a cash bar.  The decor was basic, which I was completely okay with because I didn't decorate lol The reason I'm giving it a B is because I really felt rushed at the end, the apps didn't start as soon as they were supposed to which delayed everything else, I basically had to yell at people to eat the cupcakes because we had to leave so we didn't go over our time limit and get charged an additional $500.00 and miss our party bus tour. Total cost was just under $2000.00

Earth Limos: C
Would I recommend them for a large party? Yes, however there are some issues with this company.  I called beforehand to make sure it was okay to drop off beer and wine so we could have it on the bus the next day- was told it was fine. This place is in a sketchy industrial park that looks like there are chop shops all around it. we couldn't find the entrance, eventually we called again to figure it out.  On the bus was okay, we had two buses because we had 46 people. both buses were supposed to fit 25 ppl each and it was a squeeze. one of the bus drivers knocked over a cooler and broke a few of the beer bottles. the same bus driver claimed that only his phone could use the bluetooth in the bus. BS. at our last stop he also gave me his card and said to call him when we were 20 mins away from being done. I called the damn number about 7 times and eventually gave up and Todd kept taking pictures. We eventually made it back towards the bus where the drivers were rushing us because they were being yelled at for stopping the traffic by the ventian. okay well maybe you should have answered your damn phone and that wouldn't have been an issue. Total Cost was around $750.00 -also they included red solo cups and water.

Retro Bakery: A+
Absolutely no issues at all with them. They sent our 6 inch round cake with dozens of mini cupcakes and tower to Border Grill and everything was set up by the time we arrived. We got the milk and cookies, hopscotch, pucker up and drumstix. all were veryyyyyyyyyyy good. Price I believe was around $160?

Bently and Wilson: A+
LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD TODD. he knew exactly where to go and how to move around people and get great shots. I will have to post some pics on here later but we got 6 hours with him. He took pics at our ceremony, reception and on the party bus (which we stopped at vegas sign, caesars palace,  and the venetian which made for excellent pics) He got really good shots and edited some and also provided some of the unedited ones. he was wonderful to work with and I absolutely adored him. Price- $800.00ish

I'll try to figure out how to upload some photos later! please let me know if you have any questions I will definitely be able to respond!

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