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Does this band look funky?

Hi There!

I'm needing help picking out a band to go with my engagement ring.  I hate the one that "matches" my ring.  But I'm struggling to find something that goes well, I don't really wear jewelry so I've been struggling pretty tough with this.  Below is my ring and a link to multiple angles.

I was looking at these rings: 

Ring #1: I love sapphires, but I've had a few people tell me that with my ring sapphires will look tacky. But I like that the ring is pretty simple too.

Ring #2: This one matches the ring more, but I'm jus afraid it'll be clunky.  Also, the one that the jeweler recommended that goes with my e-ring is curved and this one is not, does that tend to look funky?

I'd love opinions, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to style and am seeking advice and maybe some reassurance? 

Re: Does this band look funky?

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    I like them both -- great choices! I prefer the first band with your e-ring, though.
  • The important thing is what do YOU like?
  • I agree this is a personal decision; however, I like the sapphire band. I don't particularly like the etching on the second band. Would a plain band work? Have you tried on the bands with the engagement ring?
  • I would suggest you try on the rings (or a similar representation at least) at a jewelry store before you commit.  I was OBESSED with getting a sapphire and diamond ring, I was looking at it for months...then when I tried it on with my e-ring it just didn't look right.  I ended up going with a plain band with small diamonds set the same way as my e-ring (I have channel set stones on the sides of e-ring and in my band).

    Ultimately it comes down to which ring YOU like the best, given the shape of your e-ring you may want a nice slender ring with a slight curve so that it fits snug.  Another question, do you plan to wear the rings together? I would guess so, but you could keep them separate or end up not wearing your e-ring at all a few months after the wedding.

  • I tried on the rings a few months ago and really liked the first one but was just nervous about it! I decided to think on it for a bit and 3 months later still wasn't able to decide.  However today I went into the jewelry store and finally made a decision, I went with the first band! Thank you for your help. :) 
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