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How to find lace to match dress?

My sister talked me out of having a lace overlay made for my dress. Now I KNOW it is what I want and will not be happy with a sheer illusion top. The alteration place said it is too late to order the lace (wedding is in October). They said I could try to match it, but I'm worried it will look cobbled together. 

Is there anyway to find the exact lace?! BTW, they thought they could use the lace I ordered from my veil but it was only the border. For what I paid I expected it would be more than just the border!

Re: How to find lace to match dress?

  • What kind of lace is it? There are several online fabric stores that might be able to come close. Mood Fabrics has a good selection as does B and J's Fabrics. Be ready for the sticker shock though. Both are in NYC, so if you're close it might be worth a trip to the garment district.
  • Try Etsy too. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • If you do try Etsy, make sure you're dealing with people who are operating out of the US; there are a lot of Chinese companies selling fabric there and you may wind up having to wait on their shipping timeline.
  • I had to find lace to match my dress because I am having lace cap sleeves added. I live near Atlanta, GA and there's one fabric store here that had a good selection of lace. I think it would be hard to find lace online because you need to match the color of your dress and lace colors aren't always what you think they are. I took a tiny piece of my dress, that my seamstress cut off for me, to the lace store and the lady there helped me pick out a lace to match. Hope you find the perfect lace for your dress!
  • It's called express shipping - you pay a premium but it's cheap compared to the cost of the lace and takes the turnaround from being shipped (most likely from overseas) down to under a week.  I'm just not buying their "won't be here in time" argument (I'd go so far as to call the manufacturer!)..  There also isn't a huge turn-around time on fabric compared to a dress. 

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