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Groomsmen Attire Help!!!


I am having a sudden panic about the groomsmen attire, and meed some opinions/affirmation on the choice.  My fiancé wanted to do a navy suit, and we ended up pairing it with a black tie with brown shoes. Is this going to look terrible?!? The guy at Jos. A Bank said it'd be a sharp combination. Saw some things on Pinterest and it looked ok. But now I'm slightly rethinking the whole navy/black/brown combo. Thoughts???? Do I need to have all the groomsmen change out for black shoes A-SAP? I don't want my groom and groomsmen looking silly on our wedding day :( 

Re: Groomsmen Attire Help!!!

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    I would have the groom wearing black shoes.  JMHO.
    On the other hand, nobody really cares about the groomsmens' shoes unless they are something weird, like (gasp!) Chuck Taylors.
  • I think you are overthinking things. Navy and brown is often done together. The black ties are just a small detail. I would leave as is.
  • I don't think I have ever noticed what groomsmen are wearing on their feet. I think you are fine.
  • Thanks all. Only 3 weeks out and I am beginning to question every decision I've made.. Down to the groomsmen shoes! I'll stick with what we've got. :smile:
  • Definitely keep the brown shoes with the navy suits. I think the black ties with that will look good. 
  • Second vote for brown shoes!
  • I can't imagine the grooms men's shoes being noticed much, if at all. My vote is for the easiest (sounds like brown in this case) and/or most comfortable option. 
  • I think the brown will be fine as others have stated I don't remember what the shoes looked like on the men or women!

    Generally speaking not many details about a wedding get remembered by guests.  As long as there are enough chairs in a comfortable climate, no strange gaps, good food, plenty of refreshments, and good music (if you have any) there is little else I find I remember...its the bad experiences that people take home with them.  Whenever I found myself stressing over these sorts of things (because lets face I think every bride does this at a month out) I just remembered that as long as I got to marry my FI nothing else mattered.  Not trying to be snarky or anything, just something to try and remember. :)

  • If you are that worried just ask you FI what he wants to wear? If he feels good in in then there you go! I went in to set everything up since H works out of town a lot and long hours to make it easy on him, I picked what I thought he wanted and turns out he flipped it all up on me. Not my deal, he is the one wearing it so he got what he wanted and it looked great on the day.

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    Brown and navy look very nice together.  Although unless the GM are in converse sneakers, I don't notice their footwear.

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    Brown, navy and black are all neutrals and can be mixed as you please.

    In previous times, dress shoes were thought to only be black, or else they weren't really dress shoes, but that is not the case today. You can find dress shoes in a wide variety of colours.

    I love the look of a navy suit and brown dress shoes.
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