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The dude dropped off our dumpster early this morning...we were pulling cars out of the driveway right as he was pulling up!! Last night some of the materials for our siding project also got delivered so HOLY SHIT this is actually happening!!!!

I don't have any plans tonight or this weekend. I need to spend some time cutting some plants away from the house so it's ready for siding and painting, and we have to remove our front porch railing, but that's about it. I'm really hoping I can spend some time with @southernpeach89 and Callie at some point so I can watch her walk around everywhere!

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Re: FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @speakeasy14 Yay for more new nieces!!!! She sounds like a precious little bean!

  • @labro she's so cute! And since they live about 5 minutes from my sister, Emmy now has a best friend!
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    @southernpeach89 -- just got an email from Loft.  If you are still planning on going to Loft, are you going to regular Loft or the outlet?  I have an additional 15% at Loft Outlet that I can send you. 
  • @minskat30 That little toy is so cute! Ani sounds a lot like Callie! She is VERY insistent on what she wants to do and nothing else makes her happy.

  • @minskat30 I love that chair! Hopefully Ani does too! 
  • @TwoDimes A MONTH???? That's completely unacceptable...what has your sister been thinking????

    I hope you get to eat a giant messy burrito for dinner and win Olympic gold for it not falling apart. ;)

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  • @AlPacina Omgggg your new job celebration sounds sooo fun!! I hope you enjoy those mac n cheese leftovers today!

    Congratulations again! I'm so happy for you!

  • @jenna8984 Yeah, we're definitely putting it off until next spring. It just got to be too late in the year to do much of anything and it's better to wait until early spring to list.

    I'm glad your doctor got some meds for poor Eli! Acid reflux is NO fun and hopefully it helps him feel better!

  • @AlPacina hahah yes one of my coworkers swears you can get pregnant from eating grapefruit hahahaaha -- And there were 0 uterus aches. I really like being an aunt, I can snuggle, spoil, and play, but can give them back when I'm done.  Also, I don't do diapers. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of my record... in 5 years I've changed exactly 1 diaper.  --- I'm so excited for you and your new job!! Sounds like this boss is 100x better too!
  • @jenna8984 They had to give Emmy medicine for acid reflux too and she's on prescription formula.  It helped a lot.  She really only cries after she eats. Hopefully Eli has the same response and both of you can start feeling better.
  • @alpacina - Congrats!!!!  How exciting.  You deserve this, lady!
  • @jenna8984 - I hope the medicine helps, Eli!  We tried it for Ani but turns out she doesn't have a reflux problem.  Did they flavor it?  Ani's face when she would take the medicine was "what IS this crap?!?"
  • I am so tired. I did not get a good night of sleep
    @labro so jealous of your trip next week
    @southernpeach89 I did a pull up once.....
    @alpacina I am so excited for you and your new job
    @speakeasy14 wow that is a tiny baby, I think I was about that size.  
    @jenna8984 I hope the meds help Eli
    @twodimes wow the new expansions and plans sound great, it would be awesome if you can volunteer again.
    @minskat30 the new toy is so cute. I hope Ani loves it.

    I didn't sleep well, I'm tired and am having awful hip and back pain today.   I have no patience at all today, especially for my cats for some reason.   H found out his grandma of 98 passed away yesterday.  She was amazing, I will miss her so much.  She was so excited about our baby, she had even emailed me last week to wish me a Happy birthday.  I don't know any of the arrangements yet but I don't know if it even makes sense to go back to work next week now.  I'm so over August, despite the fact that I love summer.


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  • @peaseblossom55 - Huge hugs to you, lady.  I'm so sorry about your H's grandmother.  I'm praying September is as low key and happy a month as anyone could possibly get.
  • @jenna8984 - Oh man! Cutting out dairy would be the worst! Well, I'll enjoy it extra hard for you. ;) How does eating dairy affect your breast feeding? It's not something I've heard about.

    @speakeasy14 - Being an aunt is way awesome. I just like being "that asshole" to you. ;) That grapefruit thing was hilarious. And I am so glad your intern is gone! You can finally enjoy all vegetables again, including cucumbers.

    @TwoDimes - That sounds like a great presentation! I hope you find a volunteer opportunity as well. I really miss volunteering, too. I haven't put forward enough effort to find somewhere.

    @Peaseblossom55 - I am so sorry to hear about your H's grandma. Wow, though. 98 years old! I'm sending your family some extra love today.

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  • @speakeasy14 Ugh I already went yesterday at lunchtime. Thanks for offering though...I did end up getting a pretty good deal. Everything was marked off 50% and then I got an additional 50% off of the sale I bought three dresses instead of one lol. Oops.
  • @southernpeach89 Just think of it like buying three dresses and two of them were free with all the discounts. ;)

    @peaseblossom55 I'm so sorry for your's and your H's loss. :( 98 is pretty amazing! I hope September is a much much much better month for you! <3

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  • @southernpeach89 you still got some awesome deals! 
    @peaseblossom55 Fingers and toes crossed that September is 100x better for you! So sorry about your H's grandma, but 98 is impressive, AND she knew how to email!
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  • @speakeasy14 yes I would get happy birthday emails every year and we got happy anniversary emails as well.  It was wonderful, I'm so glad I saved them all.


  • @alpacina I'm not sure exactly but some baby's tummies can't break down certain protein found in dairy, and those proteins come through in the breast milk. They don't harm the baby buy cause gas and fussiness and sometimes reflux. Its so hard I've been off it for a month and all I want is a cheese pizza but I'll so anything to make him feel better 



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