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2017 Vegas Weddings... Help


We are getting married in march at the little church of the west (2pm) then having a 2 hour party bus (3-5) with guests for pictures along the strip then to the strip burger (5-7 literally burger and fries, we have own room though) then back to hotel, weve booked the skyline terrace suit in mgm grand for use to have guests in.
Please can people help?
- do timings look ok? 
- what do we do about alcohol in the suite, is it best to buy the hotesl due to risk of getting causght takin own in, theres is very expensive?
- Will we have problems taking guests into the suite, all guests apart from 2 are staying in same hotel already?

Thanks x 

Re: 2017 Vegas Weddings... Help

  • Temps outside should be good that time of year.  No suggestion about the timing, seems fine to me but I don't know much about what else you plan to do.

    Does the hotel specifically state no alcohol can be brought into your room not purchased from the hotel?  I've never had an issue bringing my own bottles of liquor into a hotel.  Lots of good places like Lee's Liquor nearby.

    Do you plan to make a lot of ruckus and noise at the suite?  It's probably meant for parties, and unless you irritate the neighbors (too much noise, security can get called) nobody should care how many people go in the suite.

  • As long as you're discreet, you should have no problem. We're having our entire ceremony and reception at the Skyline Terrace.

    The most important thing to keep in mind in your planning is when you are booking your suite. Early check in is not guaranteed, so unless you have the room the night before, trying to get the suite, the liquor and everything else organized while your guests stand around and do nothing is going to be awkward, not to mention difficult.
  • I was also considering using the MGM Skyline terrace for an in suite reception.  After I spoke with them, the told me they don't allow outside vendors.  I am planning to serve hors d'oeurves with an open bar and a DJ ... They don't allow DJs but suggested we use their in-room sound system ...
  • They don't allow outside vendors... if they know about it. Most outside vendors deliver there regularly, anyway.
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