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Has anyone used the WeddingDJ iTunes app? My fiancee and I are thinking of utilizing it and asking my uncle to introduce everyone for the reception. It's going to take a long time to create the playlist, so I would love to know if anyone has used it at their wedding reception and how it went.


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    We used spotify, and used the free trial of premium so we wouldn't have ads.  But we don't use iTunes normally, so we would've had to buy a lot of music to go that route.  

    Absolutely make sure you have lots of back ups.  Our playlist got out of order mid reception, so it would've been helpful to have had a back up playlist ready.

    We also rented professional speakers, since we had a large guest list.  If it was smaller, say under 50 people, we would've just used the nice stereo I have.  It was worth the quality of sound, and cost less than 10% of a DJ in our area.  And since we wanted to pick every song, this worked for us.  But we did spend months on the list.
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