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Hello! Our caterer is not able to transport the food to the venue because his insurance doesn't cover our location, did any of you use a third party to transport? We don't want to have a family member pick it up because to keep it hot we will need to to be delivered during the end of the ceremony. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  • How was this not something that came up before you booked with this caterer? That would be a deal-breaker for me when it came to hiring the vendor. You could look into hiring someone with a van I suppose. Will the caterer be able to be there to set up and look after the food?
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    Where do you live?

    I'm in the restaurant biz and I'm not aware of a company who only does transport.  They might be out there, but I can't imagine who would do such a thing. Too much liability to keep the food safe and properly plated/displayed.

    Then you have to worry about food poisoning.  Was it the caterer who had the problem?  The transportation company?  Once it got to the venue?    

    If the caterer's insurance doesn't cover your venue then you have a problem if there is an issue with the food and someone gets sick.    Would the 3rd party even be covered?

    Then once it gets to the venue, then what?  Who is setting up the food?  Who is making sure it's at proper temperature?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • What on earth? No. No to this entire plan. Hire a different caterer. 
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    I think this is a terrible idea. I would find a new caterer. 

    Also, if his insurance doesn't cover the venue, are they even still allowed to serve the food there? I don't really understand this. They can't transport it, but they can serve it?

  • I'm guessing the company you're using doesn't do true off-site catering.  Tell the caterer to get an insurance rider for the location or you're cancelling your contract.

    The caterer I work for not only includes "Safe Food Transportation, Handling, Kitchen Equipment and Storage" (copied and pasted from the order for the last event I worked, but would likely not allow another company to handle the transportation.  

    How is your venue allowing you to use a caterer without insurance for their facility as well?  Kitchens can get slippery, and if someone slips and falls it's on the venue now.  This is a huge red flag.

    All of this, but especially the bolded if you want to stay with this caterer.

    Ask them how they normally handle locations they don't cover. If you don't like their solution and they aren't willing to problem solve, hire someone else and do what you can to get any money back. What a headache.


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    When is your wedding?  If you have time, I'd find a new caterer.  One that does everything, from cooking the food all the way through to setting it up (and serving it, if the venue doesn't provide people to do that).
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    Either get a new caterer that can handle all aspects of food preparation and service (from purchasing, transporting, storing, cooking, and serving if required), or tell this one to get insurance coverage for transportation ASAP. If you opt for the latter, require that they get the coverage by a certain date, through the date of your reception, or you'll have to cancel your contract.
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    I've never heard of a caterer that doesn't deliver to any location within a reasonable distance. Even some grocery stores will deliver if you order enough.
  • I'm going to start off by calling BS on that excuse...  If they are an off-site caterer, they're insured to deliver anywhere at any time.  Now LICENSED to do so if it's a multiple state situation (i.e. Caterer in Alabama and Wedding in Mississippi) could potentially be a different discussion but this would be based off of food code. 

    This sounds more like they're a licensed food vendor but do not deliver anywhere for any reason.  There is no such thing as a third party food delivery service as the liability risk would be through the roof. 

    IMO - unless the caterer gets "insured" and can deliver the food at the designated time at proper temperatures, the deal is off immediately!  Find a new caterer unless you have someone who can go pick up the food for you and has been through a ServSafe class to ensure it's safe to serve.

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