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Hashtag Help!

So our names our Marissa and John...I didn't want to use our last names because we each have long ones so putting them together would be way to long, but if I was going to use any last name I guess it would be his since that is the name I will be taking. His last name is Volinsky. I have been trying to rack my brain for months on something cute and catchy, but unfortunately I do not think our first names and his last name is allowing us to do that. All I keep coming up with is practical one and I really wanted a catchy one. Maybe I am just not creative enough. Hopefully you guys can help! Thanks  <3

Re: Hashtag Help!

  • #VolinskyVows2017
  • Omg I must really not have a creative bone in my body because that is amazing ! Thank you I love it!
  • Just FYI, I have found your wedding website, your Pinterest, and your FB page from your name info posted here. Go Hawks! Better hope I'm not some psycho...
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • That's fine finding me on all those websites won't help you find out where I live so I'm good:) I make sure no addresses and phone numbers are on any of those so unless you plan to check every house in NJ I think I'll be just fine 
  • I'm not too good at this either, but I love alliteration - it could be something like #VeryVolinsky or #AVeryVolinskyWedding or something like #VivaVolinsky or #VowedToBeVolinsky. Just got to try to keep people from making too many typos! :smile:
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