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Belt Help!

Hi All,

Yesterday I went for my final bridal fitting and after looking at the pictures I realized I need a belt! I can't figure out what kind of belt I need. I was thinking maybe just a plain satin fabric that would match the dress; as there is already quite a bit of lace. What do you think? Do you think I need a belt at all?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Belt Help!

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    Honestly, I think that dress looks good the way it is...but that is my opinion.  If you do want a belt I would recommend going someplace you could try them on with your dress first before you commit to buying anything expensive.  If you can't try them on but still really want a belt I think simple is best here, like satin in either your dress color or an accent color.

    Belt with bow

    Just a little something there...

    or if you really like the idea of more sparkles...

    Image result for satin bridal belts

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    I think a plain satin ribbon would be really nice in a color that is not too distracting. (I like the pink above, I've also seen nice nude/gold/silver.)

    If you go that route, etsy has tons of simple satin ribbons for less than $15 each.  It might be an economical way to try a couple widths and see what works best.

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    I don't think you need a belt. If you do go that route, I wouldn't do a big bow belt but rather a simple jeweled belt.
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    You could go with or without a belt. I think your dress is gorgeous without one though. 
    I do like the idea of a satin belt If you choose to have a belt 
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    @cowgirl8238 I think the bottom one you posted is the one I had (or a very similar copy of it)
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    kvruns said:
    @cowgirl8238 I think the bottom one you posted is the one I had (or a very similar copy of it)

    That is so pretty!!! My dress didn't need/work with a belt...I feel like I missed out a little...oh well maybe I can just get one anyway for a super nice party or something!
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