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Where is everyone?

I just got to my office. This morning was the welcome back breakfast and first day for all the teachers. We had a breakfast at the school and then the Supt gave a very nice presentation. I even won a Dunkin giftcard! It was so different than what the last Supt did and it was so refreshing! The first day for students is tomorrow. 

Tonight we have to go grocery shopping and watch the Finale of The Night Of. That's really it. 

This past weekend was so much fun. I had the cousin's party Friday night where I drank a ton of Sangria. It was so needed after last week. It was a nice time.

Saturday we dropped Tess and headed to the hotel. We had so much fun at Brew at the Zoo! I tried a ton of craft beers, including many that I would have never tried if it weren't for the tasting. After that we headed back to the hotel with our friends and walked to a restaurant for some food. We stayed there until pretty late and then headed back to the hotel room.

Like our pretzel necklaces?? They came in so handy! We got cheese with them too..NOMS!

Yesterday we came home and got the pup and then sat around and did pretty much nothing all morning. We were all lazy bums, it was so nice. Later on we went to my Aunt's pool and ordered pizza with my cousin and her kids. Then we came home and lounged around again and watched the VMAs. 

It was a fun weekend. What about all you??? Tell me anything to keep this thread going LOL.
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Re: Monday

  • @LizzyTish88, fingers crossed for a good start to the school year!

    @AlPacina, I love your dress! Where did you find it?
    Ok so I'm dead again today because of stupid weather. Huge-ass tornado not too far from me last night, just sat on top of one spot and didn't move for like 30 minutes. Early reports are no injuries, thank god.

    H is home today with the HVAC guys who are already installing the new units. Tonight I will write homework for my programming class. Today I will grade.

    This weekend I made this dice bag, which has about 1.5 lb of dice in it (~150) and could hold another pound easily:
  • @beachyone15 – Yes! I love that color!...... I also don’t want to focus this week, but I did promise I’d wrap a couple things up, so I’ll probably get to that Friday afternoon, haha.

    @KeptInStitches – I found the dress at Macy’s. That dice bag is adorable! You’re so talented!

    @speakeasy14 – That cake looks so freaking delicious. Your banners look fabulous! And that dress is so fun!......... Your bedroom is messy! I can't ignore it. (Coming from the girl with toilet paper on her bathroom floor instead of under the sink where it belongs.) *wink*

  • @beachyone15 love that color! Very calming and beach like!
    @AlPacina :-P
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  • Where has everyone been lately???

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    AlPacinaspeakeasy14[Deleted User]

  • Where has everyone been lately???

    (Man, I wish this was animated.)

  • @LizzyTish88 Glad you had fun at Brew at the Zoo! Love those pretzel necklaces, so handy


    @beachyone15 great color! I'm so glad you guys could come to a decision on that.

    @KeptInStitches LOVE the bag, that is so adorable.

    @speakeasy14 wow, it looks like you pulled off an amazing party! I really want to eat that cake, like now.

    My weekend was fairly uneventful! H and I went out for dinner and drinks on Friday, and then saw Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. We weren't entirely sure what to expect so we went in with an open mind - I haven't laughed that hard in AGES. They were incredible. It's so clear that they are in love and they worked so well together. They sang, told jokes, had some audience participating and did a choreographed dance at the end.

    Saturday we did our annual apple picking trip. We always meet his best friends in NJ halfway (so somewhere in CT) to pick apples and go out to eat. It's so early to do this but we couldn't find another weekend where everyone was free! It was hot but there were apples and cider doughnuts so I was happy.

    Yesterday I ran 8 miles, cleaned the apartment, and then knit for the rest of the day.
  • I think we need to do something other than daily threads.  I tried starting a gif/meme thread last week, but that was a bust.  Someone else try something. 

  • I blame.....Image result for full moon crazy people gif

  • I can't believe how quickly NEY is breaking up.

    This isn't cool.

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  • I'm going to miss the shit out of @southernpeach89..

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    friends tv show funy
    speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • @PamBeesly524 - I found it as a gif, but neither are exactly what I was looking for, dangit!

  • @AlPacina Better than nothing, still shows the cuteness!
  • I'm going to miss the shit out of @southernpeach89..

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    I have absolutely zero understanding of why she's gone.

  • @Swazzle I know TK has been awful for you lately but I hope you get to AW your Hawaii pics here soon! I hope you guys had an amazing time!
  • AlPacina said:
    I'm going to miss the shit out of @southernpeach89..

    Image result for crying gif

    I have absolutely zero understanding of why she's gone.
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