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Flowers for a Champagne Dress?

I got my dress and I'm so in love with it! It's romantic with ivory lace over a champagne fabric. My main concern now is how to pick flowers for my bridal boquet. 

Our colors are navy blue and gold, and our date is in September. I'd love color in my boquet but anyone have suggestions?

Re: Flowers for a Champagne Dress?

  • Are you doing the bouquet yourself or having it done? My florist had perfect selections for my champagne dress. It has lace overlay that is white so he suggested a rose that had the perfect color to bring out the champange in my dress. I think it is the Sahara rose, but I might be wrong. When I google that rose looks like the one he picked out for it. 
  • If you are hiring a florist, you can ask them for suggestions.  When I sat down with the florist, she asked me a couple questions about color and even asked for a swatch or sample color of the dresses and pictures (mine and BMs) if I had them.  She said it helped her to create a look that goes well with everything.  Then she asked what kind of atmosphere we wanted (aka formal or relaxed etc.)  

    If you have navy and gold as your primary colors, I think roses would be a very nice, classic and elegant option.  If you are going for something more fun and casual sunflowers work really well with a navy colored ribbon/dress/accents.  Overall I think a nice creamy colored flower would go good with dress. Aside from the colors you should consider your formality/overall feel.  That should help put you on the right path.

    Don't be afraid to goggle search and save a few examples that you like.  If you cant identify a flower, you can try posting for some help on the boards, these ladies know a ton!

  • My dress was an Allure with a café underlay and ivory overlay - so sounds similar to yours. Our colors were navy blue and ivory with a spring green accent. However, we went with the wildflower look and LOVED it. These are similar inspiration pics:

    Image result for wildflower wedding

    wildflower wedding bouquets uk


  • No matter what you choose for flowers it'll look great - go with the flowers you love and have significance for you, nothing more nothing less!
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