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Need help finding this dress!

Any help will be appreciated. I know this  is my future wedding dress.

Re: Need help finding this dress!

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    I bet you saw this on Pinterest, didn't you?  I did an image search and came up with nothing.  I don't think this was ever intended to be a wedding dress.  It looks like something made for the Asian market.

    You cannot possibly choose a dress from an internet photo.  You need to try on gowns in person to really understand what looks best on you.  Each bride is different.
    Start out at David's Bridal.  They have many gowns in different sizes for you to try on.  Then try a local bridal shop.  Your best choice is out there, but I don't think that this is it.
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    Hey!  Thanks for the reply but it's not  a pinterest dress. My friend, who is in pink, attended this wedding and put up the picture. The bride just isn't spilling on the designer of the dress leaving me to do the hardwork. And this is def. The gown. It has every element I've been looking for. From the sheath shape, cap sleeve and large lace, I know this is it. 
  • Down to the duck tape to hold it in place... 

    Go to a few area bridal shops and try on some dresses, bring the picture as the "What you're looking for"... Often brides will have the "what I'm looking for" then get it on their frame and think "not so much!", but until they're actually IN the dress, one never knows.  Being a bride and being dressed for a formal party are two different experiences. 

    The dress may be "everything you want" but you forgot to include the most important element - does it fit your BUDGET!   If you can't afford the dress, it's not the dress for you.  Until you get into a salon and start trying on dresses (remember take your budget and half it because of all the add-on costs and alterations - it's always easy to go up than it is to spend less)..


    It's a knock-off site, so it's likely the dress is from something like this and altered to remove the sleeves.

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  • No wonder the bride didn't want to spill where she got it, ruins the illusion. 
  • OP, please just keep in mind that loving a dress doesn't mean it will work for you. I had a very clear idea of the type of dress I wanted. And once I tried it on, I hated it. The dress I went with was actually a dress I would have never tried on, because I didn't think I'd like it. So, my advice is to keep an open mind. 
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