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Reception Halls for 400+ppl?

Hi I am looking for a reception hall which holds approx 400 ppl.  I am debating between #1- SandCastle, #2 Chateau Briand and #3 Loenards.  My fiance and I liked SandCastle but thought the main ballroom was too rectangular.  We also liked Chataeu Briand (our safe choice), but there are other weddings at the same time.  Leonards gave us the best pricing. 

Any input on these halls would be apreciated.  Are there any other halls nearby (in Nassau) that can hold 400+ people?


Re: Reception Halls for 400+ppl?

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    I'm not sure of the 400 people, but my dad went to a wedding at Leonards not too long ago and said it was and all! Good Luck!
    He was trying to get me to check it out, but I needed a place in Suffolk County:-)

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    The food at Chateau Briand is not great.  Even if you love the look of a room, make sure you like their food.  No one will remember your beautiful hall if the food sucks.

    RIP Dr. Irving Fishman - 10/1/19-7/25/10 - thank you for holding on for me.
    You made my wedding day complete.
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    im getting married at Floral Terrace. it is the same owners as Sand Castle! i would def check it out, u can have 400+ there.

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