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Thankful Thursday

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morning all! On mobile and missed TK for the last few days because of an absolute shit storm with my mom who came to "help" one day of the week she took off to help my sister. It ended up very badly with her telling me to fuck off, taking care of Ani wasn't "engaging" to her, and her storming off. She's since tried to make peace but I'm distancing us. It's really not fun but she certainly won't watch Ani anytime soon or be invited to my house anytime soon. Anyway...sorry for the novel...figured it was a good day to focus on the positive instead so...

What are you thankful for today?

I'm thankful for Ani snuggles and smiles. 

I'm thankful for TK friends who make up for a pretty craptastic family. This board has given me some of my favorite people in the world.

 I'm thankful that H loves me and Ani and crazy Raj with his whole heart and works on improving things in our lives so we can retire early and spend more time together as a family.

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Re: Thankful Thursday

  • @pambeesly524 yeah, distance is needed very much right now for me. I CANNOT believe the shelter let Crindy go unfixed!!!!!
  • @LizzyTish88 Thanks for the suggestion! We may look into that depending on what the vet says regarding cost/possibility of even fixing her since she's so old. Glad cheer was better last night, I hope it continues for you!

    @speakeasy14 Sending vibes to your bf! My dad has been a smoker since he was 17ish, and watching his attempts to quit while I was growing up, I know how hard it is to stick to your guns and kick the habit. Breakfast in bed was such a nice thought for him. 

    @labro DEFINITELY let me know how that stew is - we have so much frozen pumpkin leftover from last year and I'm always looking for new recipes to throw it in! 
  • @PamBeesly524 definitely reach out to the shelter! If they made that mistake with you, they could have with others.  Also, agree with @lizzytish88 suggestion for a cheaper option.

    @lizzytish88 now it's September and I bet you're beyond excited!!!

    @labro we went to a low cost spay/neuter for Callie and the discounted price was $160.  If I would have taken her to the vet it would have been $300+.  Vets here are crazy expensive. -- that chicken pumpkin stew sounds delicious!
  • @labro That's what the vet quoted us, we didn't pay that. We used that FOA site and got it done for $90. We were freaking out when the vet said that. We also no longer use that vet lol. 

    @speakeasy14 Good for your BF. I hope it's a smooth transition and he sticks with it.
    friends tv show funy
  • @LizzyTish88 Yeah...seriously no way. Our vet isn't the cheapest for everything...but omg...I think I'd walk out too if they quoted me that kind of price for the procedure.

    @speakeasy14 I'm so proud of your bf! Vibes to him and his journey! I know you'll be a great support system for him.

    @PamBeesy524 @speakeasy14 I kind of used this recipe and bastardized it a bit.

    I just tossed all the ingredients in a crockpot on low for the day without pre-cooking and shredding the chicken...I'll be able to shred it later.

    Chopped pumpkin instead of canned puree because it was taking up room in my freezer. I imagine it will all blend in/dissolve anyway because of the slower cooker.

    Mixed beans leftover from when we didn't use them all for chili.

    Chipotle chili spice because I didn't have adobe peppers in chili sauce.

    I didn't have any corn.

    I have green onions growing in my garden so I'll chop those up and use them instead of cilantro.

  • @PamBeesly524 & @LizzyTish88 me too! He's tried quitting in the past, but I think this may be the time that sticks. He had two cigarettes left and threw away the box and sent me a long message about how he doesn't want lung cancer. 
  • @labro thank you, that is going to be my first fall themed dinner! 
  • @labro I wouldn't shred the chicken first either! Why do all that work when the crockpot will do it for you? Can't wait to try this.
  • @Swazzle I know, I am seriously outraged that a shelter isn't checking properly to see if their cats are spayed. I know she's old but you can't just take Crindy's word for it, you know? She's a bull-shit liar anyway, :). And so glad you and @LizzyTish88 are mentioning lower cost clinics because I wouldn't have even thought about it. Glad the salmon was good!!
  • @TwoDimes OMG I hope you have soooooooooooo much fun with your family and especially your nephew this weekend! Send me auntie-nephew selfies please!!!

    Wine is could I have forgotten to list it??? Something must be wrong with me.

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  • @minskat30  she seems to favor the middle finger

    minskat30[Deleted User]Swazzle
  • @speakeasy14 - That.Is.Adorable!!!
  • @labro OH MY GOODNESS!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • @pambeesly524, Crindy wasn't fixed? Poor girl - I remember Ellie being in heat, she was so confused (5 month old kitten).

    @lizzytish88, glad cheer went better last night!

    @labro, I'm jealous of your supper!

    @jenna8984, have fun with your parents!

    @twodimes, have fun with your family and enjoy the wedding!
    I'm somewhat short on gratitude today - nothing's intrinsically wrong aside from the home repair stress, but I'm a little run down. Nevertheless:

    I'm thankful that H's job has PTO so that he can take the time to be home with the contractors.

    I'm thankful that we were able to get stinging insect killer to deal with the insects who have moved in under the back steps. Hopefully this works, we can patch the crack, and we don't have to call an exterminator.

    I'm thankful for knitting because it's my meditation.

    I'm thankful for H's cat because he's not a buttmunch and doesn't bite feet. Ellie-cat bit me this morning when she decided she wanted the spot my feet were in.

    This is dumb, but I'm thankful for the TiVO because I'm still watching Olympics. Oh yeah.

    I'm thankful that H was willing to step up and be commish in a new fantasy football league. I'm seriously thinking about quitting the other one because draft is at an incredibly stupid time and the whole league seems unwilling to compromise. Thanks to H, I'll still be able to play with him.
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