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What color bridesmaids dresses?

Hi ladies!

I recently purchased this dress from David's Bridal for a steal:

I had been looking for either a blush or gold/champagney dress, something unique & non-traditional, so when I saw this one on sale I had to get it!

However, now I need help deciding on bridesmaid dress colors/groomsmen suits that would go well with it. Any suggestions?

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Re: What color bridesmaids dresses?

  • Do you have an over-arching theme or color scheme for your reception/ceremony? Where are you getting married? What is the formality level of your wedding?

    I selected my bridesmaids dresses based on something I felt fit the season, formality, and the colors I was using for my flowers and decor.

  • I don't have a color scheme in mind yet, it's what I'm trying to figure out! The wedding will be formal, but not black tie or anything. The ceremony is in a Catholic Church and the reception will be at a ballroom/banquet hall. It'll be in the summer (next August).
  • I think that any colour would be fine. Do you have any favourite colours or do your bridesmaids have specific colours that they would look good in?
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