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TGIF - Long weekend edition!

Happy Friday NEY!

Most of the district is closed today, but me and a few co-workers are in. I have some stuff to get done so it's not too bad. This week FLEW by for me. I am hoping that next week does the same.

Tonight the cheer/football organization is doing a family movie night. They do it every year and it is fun for the kids. They get a huge projection screen and play a movie outside on the football field, complete with snacks! I'm not sure if I will be attending or not..

Tomorrow BF has a fantasy football draft and I was supposed to have mine too. We are still looking for two girls to join our all female league so I'm not sure if we will still have it tomorrow or not.

Sunday we have no plans and I hope it stays that way. I do have to go to my cousin's house at some point this weekend as we are doing some crafts for my upcoming trip, but other than that nothing.

Monday is our first game of the season! Because my team's attitude was so shitty earlier this week, they finally realized last night that they can't do halftime as they didn't bother to learn the cheer. Hopefully this will be a huge wake up for them! I also fully warned them that they better be ready to work next week so they don't not have a routine for the weekend after.

Any fun weekend plans?? 
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Re: TGIF - Long weekend edition!

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    @LizzyTish88 I can't wait to see everything you make! 

    Last night we did everything to keep my bf busy.  He mowed the lawn while I made dinner.  Then he picked up the vacuum and started cleaning the floors (I like this burst of energy).  We then took the dog for a long walk.  We almost had an incident as we were walking along the one walking path.  A bunch of kids were playing and tried running up to her (while screaming, "hi doggy!").  She's a good dog, when she's calm.  But since she's never around kids, she doesn't react well to small people running up to her.  Because of that she tried to escape her harness.  Luckily, the kids parents stopped them before they got too close and we were able to get her to calm down.  

    I need to go food shopping after work, and do laundry.  So I'll be taking care of that while my bf is golfing.  No idea what the plan is after he gets home. He also has to work all weekend, so we haven't made any plans.  We did agree last night though that he needs to avoid parties where people will be smoking, so we'll probably just keep to ourselves all weekend.  Maybe go kayaking or on a hike.

    * @twodimes have a fun trip! 
  • @LizzyTish88 the movie night sounds like a blast! I had a friend in HS who had a projector/screen in her backyard and it was so much fun to watch movies outside. Your weekend sounds like the perfect mix of busy/relaxing.

    @speakeasy14 Hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend! Outdoor activities sound fun

    I'm hoping to leave the office around 1-2 today, H and I are going to drive up to NH to see my parents for the weekend. No set plans except we've decided to cook dinner for my parents on Saturday night, and then my grandmothers are coming for dinner on Sunday which is always so great. Hoping to get some fishing and kayaking in while the weather is still nice! I also need to run 9 miles. 

    Happy Friday everyone!

  • Good morning!

    This week went fast for me too! Thank God!! I'm just so so glad to be out of August. It is literally the worst month. September sucks because of End of Quarter but at least it moves really quickly.

    @speakeasy14 I'm glad the parents were there so you could help Callie get under control! Cinders gets nervous when children run at her too...she does better and better every time...and I think all the time with my niece is helping, but I'm pretty aggressive about stopping kids and telling them to hold out their hands first so she can smell them.

    Today is my dad's birthday so we're going over to my sister's house and having homemade pizza and milkshakes (my dad's favorite dessert). I need to buy his birthday present at some point today...oops...and then pick up beer and wine for the party.

    Tomorrow we don't have any real plans. I think I want to spend the day cleaning the house, my lyfe is beyond exciting you guys!

    Sunday I really really hope I can hang out with my sister and my Callie girl!! It's so tough when I don't get my one on one time with her every week and I miss her sweet face!

    Monday is OMG NO WORK DAY!! I have an old friend coming to visit for lunch. She's bringing beer from a local brewery she's a big fan of and we'll probably grill some brats and just hang out for a bit.

  • @labro See, that's what I need to get better at (the aggressiveness at telling kids to not run up to her).  We are never around kids.  She's great with babies, and I'm hoping that constantly being around Em will help a lot. I hope September is a better month for you, or that it goes by super fast!

    @PamBeesly524 have fun in NH!!
  • @labro your weekend sounds fun! How did that pumpkin stew turn out?

  • @labro - Happy birthday to Papa Ho! 


    I don't have a whole lot going on this weekend! Tomorrow I'm going into the city to have a picnic in the park with my BFF and her pup (Lucy can't come because only little shit dogs and service dogs are allowed on public transportation).

    I was hoping to get to the beach but the high for the whole weekend is like 73 degrees and it's supposed to rain Sunday and Monday. I'm really bummed out about this but I'll probably get a lot done around the house and then relax with H and the kids. 

  • @PamBeesly524 Absolutely delicious! I added green onions after it was done and I added a little dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese too but I think it would've been totally delicious without it as well!

  • Swazzle said:
    @labro - Happy birthday to Papa Ho! 


    I don't have a whole lot going on this weekend! Tomorrow I'm going into the city to have a picnic in the park with my BFF and her pup (Lucy can't come because only little shit dogs and service dogs are allowed on public transportation).
    I thought they were allowed as long as they were in a pack or something? ;)

  • @lizzytish88, if you have need and are interested in playing with me, let me know about the fantasy football league. Also, good luck with your cheer team!

    @pambeesly524, have fun with your family!

    @labro, awesome birthday dinner for your dad!
    Tonight is gaming. I'm working on the eternal scarf for my BFF - I'm about 10% done.

    Tomorrow I'm going to come in to the office and do some grading. My grader fell through. I am not a happy panda.

    Sunday and Monday H and I will probably just hang out at the house. The weather is supposed to suck most of this weekend anyway (rain, thunder, possibility of severe yet again). Maybe we'll do some cleaning or something.
  • Today just got interesting... on my way out of the office yesterday I noticed something in the parking lot.  It was a laptop, docking station, charger, and windows software.  I picked it up and brought it to our front desk figuring most people were already gone.  When I turned on the computer I got an intern's username (this particular intern's last day was over a week ago).  So we notified IT.  They just came up to me asking where I found it and what time because they're meeting with security to go over the camera footage.  The computer was taken from a storage spot and the software should have been locked up. 
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