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First timer with lots of questions

Hello Everyone,

I've been reading tons of posts and there are so many great ideas on here. I'm just starting to look into wedding planning since we have finally set a date and decided to have our wedding in Vegas! There are so many options and so many great ideas so I'd love some is what I'm thinking and some information on what we have decided on.

We are getting married on 3/4/18, we will has about 25-30 guests with us. Would love a chapel wedding and an in suite reception. I have seen people rave about the Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay and we want a very simple inexpensive ceremony, around $500 and spend more on fun with each other as well as family and friends. So we were thinking the Luxor for the ceremony but I haven't seen really any reviews on here....

I also was looking into Jason's Deli (that looked like the best option we have a ton of healthy picky eaters) as a food option since I want to have the wedding at 1pm so we can have a bunch of food etc. to snack on and everyone can do what they like in the evening. We also of course want to provide alcohol and I will go to Lee's to buy that. Also where is the best yet inexpensive place to get cupcakes, I'm thinking that would be easier than a cake.

Does anyone recommend getting a rental car since we will have to go get out marriage license and we will have to go get beer and any other things we may need?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Re: First timer with lots of questions

  • I would definitely get a rental car at least for a day- that helped a lotttttt with getting around fast. also, if you get to the marriage license bureau right when they open, there is like no line and then there is a Lee's liquor right around that area as well and they usually open at 9am so you can kill two birds with one stone. We got cupcakes from Retro Bakery, I ordered a bunch of mini cupcakes so people could try different flavors and it was pretty cheap - we got a cupcake tower to go along with it too- you can call and they will give you a quote
  • I'd definitely do rental car; cab expenses can add up dramatically fast in Vegas.  Many hotels still offer free parking, although just like how many hotels used to not have resort fees, the free parking is starting to dry up too.

    25-30 is good size for Vista with room to spare, and don't overlook wraparound at the Cosmo.  I like Cosmo because you get an actual balcony and can have it overlooking the Mandalay fountains if desired; versus Vista just windows, and ideally just view of strip facing north, but I'm not sure if they'll guarantee a strip view or not.

    Jason's is good, we did that for food on wedding day for bridal party, it was reasonably priced and large quantity.

    I think the one issue you'll run into is related to serving your alcohol; you're going to need a lot of ice, cups, etc.  That's a lot of hassle on wedding day; do you have a few people who can take on that duty of running errands earlier in the day?  I'd recommend going to walmart and grabbing a bunch of those cheap styrofoam coolers, cups and as many bags of ice as will fit in the coolers because there's no guarantee how long the ice will last from the machines at the hotel, plus you don't want to have people running back and forth to the ice machine during your reception to refill coolers.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Thank you so much for all of the information! I know my family will be very willing to run errands for us. We will get a rental car. Do you know if Mandalay offers early check in or should we get the suite for Saturday night and Sunday night. I was hoping to not have to rent a suite on Saturday night since the rates are so much higher but I'd rather not be stressed out.
  • Early check in is completely random based on whether the suites are booked or not, and how many people vacate their rooms on time.  I was going to suggest considering booking for two nights solely to ensure you get the room, but I think you're probably safe for a Sunday night given many people leave on Sunday.  There's been some history of Mandalay giving away Vista's to gamblers who decide to stay longer than expected, or arrive/book without notice, which causes 'regular people' who had a room booked and paid to get bumped to other rooms like media suite, etc.  I haven't seen that occur for a Sunday night though so I think you're safe; if you were doing a one night booking for a Friday or Saturday that would carry some risk.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Early check-ins are never guaranteed. You can ask nicely, but they'll tell you they won't honor it.

    If you can spring for it, two nights really does make things more simple; especially if you're wanting an earlier wedding. We're doing a single night only at the MGM, but have specifically planned a later evening wedding, knowing that our early check-in request isn't guaranteed.
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