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Bridesmaid troubles!

I need help! 3 of my bridesmaid have yet to order their dresses, and there is a 5 month delivery on them, if they ordered them this week the dresses would arrive the last week of January, which would be a month before my wedding, which barley leaves enough for alterations and if worse there is bad weather and there is a delay in the delivery. I have told them repeatedly that I needed the dresses order no later than August 31st. All I have been getting is excuses and "it's too soon to order the dress". I have been extremely patient, but I can no longer wait around for them to order and I am tired of having to reach out to them. Of course I really want them to be in my wedding, but at this point I don't feel like they are motivated enough to want to do what is needed, so I am wondering if it is completely acceptable to tell them that they will be invited to my wedding as guests and not part of the wedding and how would be to most appropriate way of saying it.
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