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Dress fitting - too late to change mind?

Hello all. I just had my last fitting a few hours ago - 9-4-16. My wedding is 9-17-16, and I was really pleased with the dress when I was wearing it in the shop, but when I got home and saw the pictures I noticed that it looks like the bodice is a little closely shaped - it's kind of creasing even when I'm just standing in it.

It seems like the sort of thing that is fixable - maybe letting out the tiniest tiniest bit of seam? I'll ask the shop, but I'm wondering if it's rude or unrealistic of me to hope to fix this in time? I imagine if I had said something in-store about it there might have been time, but now that I've walked away, is that it? No more changes?

It wouldn't be a HUGE deal, but the more I look the more odd I feel about it - it looks nice in person, but it seems like ALL of the photos caught this flaw, and i can't imagine the day of would be any different.

Re: Dress fitting - too late to change mind?

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    I can see what you mean.

    Agree with above posters recommendations. 

    You could also look at adding shapewear underneath to see if that will smooth things out.

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    Ditto Charlotte's questions/points.  If you are wearing the undergarments you'll be wearing on your wedding day, there's no harm in asking the seamstress at the shop to fix the issue.  It may cost extra (a "rush" fee) but there's enough time to fix that.  It's a lovely dress!  :)
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    As long as you are not rude, they won't think it's rude. You are a paying customer, and you should be happy with your purchase! I think it looks beautiful, but if you are not comfortable, you should most definitely have it further altered. You want to be 100% comfortable on the day. Good luck!
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    I always encourage brides to get their alterations done from an independent seamstress who is used to doing wedding gowns.  Glad this worked out for you!
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