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Day of, timeline help!

hello! I'm getting married in November at the chapel of flowers at 6 pm. I'm thinking we may have around 20 people.  I'm still trying to figure out where to have w dinner afterwards for everyone (open to affordable suggestions) but also I'm not sure what time I should have dinner at. I have booked Bentley & Wilson photography and have them for four hours. Want to do a photo strip tour. It'd be great to do group photos with family and friends but that's probably too many people to have traveling around the strip for photos, and not sure what to do with everyone while doing photo tour. So many things to plan and think of. :)

Re: Day of, timeline help!

  • We ended up picking Off the Strip (Linq) for dinner. Date is Oct 1, 2016. They have group dining options posted on their website. I got prices from a lot of restaurants and they were comparable to what others quoted. But still pricey :/

    The problem I found was if you make a reservation for a party that size they want to arrange a preset menu which is often higher than regular menu prices. I spoke to Maggie there. I love that their private dining area is completely separate upstairs. Makes you feel like you have a separate private venue since its not part of the restaurant/bar area.

    We are getting married at 4:30PM at Little Church of the West then back to Mandalay Bay for photos while guests have a drink or gamble. The venue told me we would be done w/ wedding in about 1 hour. Dinner is at 7:00, limos pick up at 6:30. We do have a one hour gap that I was worried about (we have 35 people.) There are a few children coming and so many people to coordinate I just hope that is enough time for people to do what they need to but also be back for the party bus that will take us to dinner.  

  • You might want to think about doing the photo tour before the ceremony, that way you end your photography time with your group shots with guests, but the guests don't have to wait around. That way also you can plan 45 mins or so for ceremony and photos, with everyone getting picked up and taken to dinner after at 7ish.
  • That's a real good idea! I just kinda wanted the old fashioned, not see me until I walk down the aisle bit. I'll think about it though.
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